In Boston there were benches “Soofa” with solar panels

In Boston there were benches “Soofa” with solar panels

In Boston there were benches

Company MIT Media Lab (USA) has created unusual benches for parks and public recreation areas. Innovative brainchild company was named Soofa. The main feature of seemingly ordinary objects of landscape architecture is that benches Soofa able to charge mobile devices such as phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and many other electronic gadgets. This is possible because the bench is equipped with its own battery and solar panel.

Representatives of MIT Media Lab said that the creation and installation of benches Soofa in Boston is a part of the experiment, for which the planning authorities. Employees want to evaluate their offspring in the wild, check the relevance and effectiveness of the invention.

The principle of operation is simple Soofa. On the bench installed solar battery that stores energy and recharges the battery. Use the sun’s energy can be anyone. To do this, the shop has four sockets for chargers gadgets.

Another interesting feature benches Soofa was that they have a set of environmental sensors capable of collecting data about the air around them. Special program then sets how quality air, its purity or degree of contamination, humidity, presence of dust, and more. Soofa creators hope that in the future their data can be used environmentalists and urban planners to improve parks in metropolitan areas, which are now mostly faced with serious environmental problems in the area of ​​clean air.

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