Brand new David Brown showed his first car

Brand new David Brown showed his first car


Famous British entrepreneur and fan of sports cars David Brown has demonstrated its own first sports car. Under retro body formed in accordance with the classical design motifs, hidden platform Jaguar XKR.

David Brown called his creation, which participated in the creation of a former Land Rover designer Alan Mobberley, Speedback GT. Name a sports car, obviously hinting at a return to classic cars. In terms coupe clearly visible motives honored Aston Martin and Jaguar, but the designer says that guided and classic Italian sports cars. However, there is in the name of a sports car and a reference to the original part – for imposing rear door hides extra folding chair, called the producer “a seat for a picnic.”

Sports car body is made of aluminum and has no one common parts with the donor platform. Several redesigned and interior design, with some details in it are made of nickel by laser peels. Wood also performed manually insert. However, in its quest for retro David Brown to comply with certain limitations and not a sports car stripped interior modern achievements: for example, got a chair powered by 16 lines, heating and ventilation system.

In the design of the platform creators Speedback GT did not intervene, as in the power unit. Retro sports car has retained a 5-liter V8 rated at 510 horsepower and a 6-step “automatic”. Dynamic characteristics Speedback GT is not yet known, but it is unlikely they will be noticeably different from the original. Jaguar XKR accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

“Alive” David Brown will show sports car named after himself on April 17 at Top Marques show in Monaco. Manufacturer expects to produce at least 50 Speedback GT per year.