British “Barbie” started going to hypnotherapy to go gaga and more like...

British “Barbie” started going to hypnotherapy to go gaga and more like a doll


A resident of the UK Blondie Bennett, obsessed with Barbie doll, began daily visit a therapist to using hypnosis to become more stupid.

“I have already passed 20 sessions and feel that becoming a fool, all the time confused. Recently went to meet a friend at the airport and could not remember where I need – in the relegation zone and arrival. And lost and three hours went by car around his home Mom, I grew up in, “- said 38-year-old” Baby Doll ” The Mirror .

California native has invested 25,000 pounds in her breasts, gets an impressive size, and regularly use tanning spray. A silicone lip Botox and give it even more puppet form. Hypnotherapy should complete the full conversion of the women in “toy”.

“People ask why I want to be Barbie. And I think – and who would not? She has the perfect life. All she does is go shopping and preening. She is not worried about anything,” – says Bennett.

Obsession Barbie doll, by his own admission a woman, she started at the very young age, when she was playing with the popular toy. Becoming a teenager, she began to dress like Barbie, hair bleaching and dream ride “Corvette”. At age 18, she got a job at a toy store, where portrayed Barbie.

“People thought that for me it’s just a phase of life, but I decided to become a Barbie. My girlfriend hated me for attention from the guys who like the way I dressed. And they asked me to look worse, if I go for a walk with them. I lived a double life, but eight years ago decided to become a Barbie and ignore other people’s opinions, “- says Bennett.

Breast augmentation surgery took place in August last year, and in December, “doll” had the surgery on the chin, the contour of her face completely conformed to the image of Barbie.

“Some women pretend to be Barbie dolls, but I decided to climb to the next level. I want to be perceived as a plastic sex doll, and some headlessness is part of the transformation,” – says “Barbie”.

Currently britanka never operates. Maintain their appearance at the proper level it allows sale of erotic photos, which she appears as a famous doll.