British hipsters dressed up for the Christmas beard

British hipsters dressed up for the Christmas beard

British hipsters dressed up for the New Year beard

Unusual Christmas decorations appeared on the shelves of British shops. They are intended not for decoration of rooms and not for Christmas trees and ornaments for men beard. Look for decorations Christmas tree balls beard as only tiny, but they are not attached to a string, and the special hairpins, which is tacked to the beard. Just a pack of 16 balls.

Christmas balls beard incredibly popular with UK residents. It is worth packing a little unusual toys – $ 8. The representative of the manufacturer said that the sale of the attribute surpass all expectations.

The proceeds from the sale of unusual jewelry will go to charity. Orders for unusual Christmas decorations come not just from the UK but from New Zealand, the US, Germany and France. Those who do not have a beard bought the balls for their furry pets.

It is worth noting that this is not the first trend, which was introduced specifically for hipsters. This summer, the owners of lush beard woven into them flowers and leaves.

British hipstersĀ dress up beard instead of treesĀ for the Christmas

Extravagant decorations are popular with the stronger sex aged 18 to 40 years old

In the UK, went on sale Christmas toys intended for beards. Packaging of such ornaments worth about $ 8 and consists of 16 colored balls with hairpin beard.

Ornaments are popular among men aged 18 to 40 years living not only in London but also in the United States and Australia. The proceeds from the sale of “Christmas” toys will go to charity, according to Lifenews.

Extravagant British surprised the world not only unusual ornaments, but also by the trees. Thus, the star designer Victoria Beckham has prepared a surprise customers. Now lovers of clear lines can admire the Christmas masterpiece. On the eve of the London fashion designer boutique on Dover Street appeared unusual tree, according to the portal

Usually contemplating decorating the Christmas tree, the designers focus on decorations. But Mrs Beckham has decided to literally turn everything upside down. Firstly, no garlands and balloons, and secondly, tree roots in the boutique flaunts up. Star has already boasted an art installation by publishing a picture on social networks.

As specified, the inverted tree for Victoria kindly agreed to play the Iranian sculptures and artist Shirazeh Houshiari. It was she who first introduced like an art installation at the Tate Gallery in 1993.

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