The British introduced manual charger ShareRoller

The British introduced manual charger ShareRoller


In the era of mobile devices need constant charging has become just as important and natural for many people as sleep or food. Today it is very important to stay connected in all respects, but no device and communication will not help if the battery is empty devaysa.

In order to solve this problem, the British offered to inventors and device ShareRoller. ShareRoller – it is a manual battery that is placed in a special bag. The suitcase has a very formal appearance, and will therefore be combined with any style of clothing, including business. Battery weight in the suitcase – 3.2 kg. Battery can apply 720 watts to charge your mobile device and quickly enough, his “revive” if fully depleted.

An important feature of the manual battery was that ShareRoller independently filled by dynamo machines. Itself for this, someone or something will have to rotate it. With this task perfectly cope front wheel of any bicycle. To do this, attach the briefcase over the wheel, using a special bracket, and after pressing the button on the wall spets3ialnuyu open dynamo machine that you want to relate to the wheel. The whole operation takes less than two minutes.

The main advantage ShareRoller is that the device makes it possible to charge phones and smartphones not only in the process of cycling, but also far away from him, for example, in public transport or in a place where there are no available outlets. Finally mobile can be recharged by simply walking down the street.

ShareRoller creators hope that thanks to their development, “green” electricity will become even more popular, as well as bicycles, which is becoming more and more on the streets of major cities in the world.