29.03.2014 3:07

British made old Lamborghini

Unlike British scientists with their furious research, British designers are always on top. Two friends from London created the concept Lamborghini Rat Rod, able to outshine its originality even Batmobile.

Joint viewing of videos strengthens relationships and helps create concepts unusual cars.

Watching a video where Lamborghini compete in speed with the Rat born (so called self-made retro modern cars with “stuffing”), the London designers Paul and Jens Viznevski Slepins decided to combine them the cutest elements of these machines in one car. After that first took up the pencil, the second – for a computer mouse, and as a result was born the concept Lamborghini Rat Rod. Designers were inspired not only Lamborghini, but also cars, “Formula 1”, Plymouth Cuda, Vought F4U Corsair fighter and even refrigerators 1960s.



Viznevski Slepins and decided to use his four offspring most advanced engineering solutions, in particular, unusual the hydraulic system to reduce the weight of the machine. As the power plant was picked biturbo eight-cylinder engine coupled with six-speed transmission.



Material for the body will be, of course, carbon fiber. In built wheels brakes – an element is extremely rare and looks fantastic in the truest sense of the word. Of course, this is just a concept that is not yet put into production. But if Lamborghini designers were tasked to create the Batmobile, as it would be in 1930, it is unlikely that would cope better.