British Minister of Defence announced a new wave of cuts in the...

British Minister of Defence announced a new wave of cuts in the armed forces

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British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said that the government will continue to reduce the rate of the armed forces to increase their efficiency and reduce budget expenditures , ITAR-TASS reported on Thursday .

According to him , today , is┬áthe fourth wave of cuts ” will be another step ” towards the implementation of the government’s plan to reform the army.

Under the plan, the quantitative composition of the ground forces of the country would be reduced from 102 thousand to 82 thousand people. In addition, a quarter will be reduced and the number of commanders of the defense department .

According to the minister , the current wave of cuts will affect more precisely ground forces , of which the reserve will lay off about 1,500 people. Also planned to reduce the number of post medical officers Air Force and Navy kingdom.

Offset the decline in the number of personnel is planned by increasing the number of reservists. It is expected that in the future these 35,000 troops will be compactly placed on 308 military installations both inside the country and abroad.

Already this month the UK Ministry of Defence takes a simplified form for the submission of applications on the Internet and check-ups to accelerate .

Part of the funds for training and maintenance of recruits who will be called upon for a period of one year every five years , is scheduled to release due to the closure of about 25 existing training centers .

Willing to serve in the British armed forces , civilians are usually permanent or temporary work outside the army . Reservists train and keep fit in my spare time and get paid for it about 35 pounds ( 53 dollars ) a day.