British scientists urged to limit the consumption of meat for the sake...

British scientists urged to limit the consumption of meat for the sake of a favorable climate in the world

British scientists urged to limit the consumption of meat for the sake of a favorable climate in the world

British researchers conducted a study and found the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere, in particular methane, and consumption of meat products.

According to researchers from the universities of Cambridge and Aberdeen, in 2050, greenhouse gas emissions, including those produced by animals to grow by 80%, which will accelerate global warming.This can be avoided by reducing the production of meat and dairy products, according to the journal Nature Climate Change .

“Agriculture is the main factor in the loss of biodiversity and one of the main causes of climate change and pollution, so further expansion of production is undesirable”, – the report says.

Trend, according to scientists, could be prevented if developing countries improve the process of agricultural production, less food will be thrown away.Accordingly, reducing the consumption of animal products will lead to a reduction in livestock farms, which also have a positive impact on the state of the atmosphere. “It is important to find ways to achieve global food security without increasing pasture and greenhouse gas emissions” – the experts.

“Climate change affects the weather all over the world, which makes it all the more extreme and violates the established laws. This means more accidents, more uncertainty,” – said on the eve of the session of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

According to Reuters, according to UN projections, over the next 40 years, floods, storms and searing heat will fall on the people living in the territory of the American state of Arizona to Zambia.

It should be noted that the predictions of scientists are not so scary. As the Russian service of BBC , a recent study by American scientists show that the “pause” in global warming going on since 1998, may be delayed for at least another ten years.

At the same time, do not underestimate the animals, such as cows. It is assumed that they are capable of producing up to 500 liters of methane a day, which, according to scientists, contribute to the greenhouse effect. In 2007, scientists concluded that bovine methane accounts for between 4% to 6% of the emissions in the environment “greenhouse” gases – is several times greater than that of work vehicles, power plants and factories. And in the face of rising meat consumption methane concentration in the atmosphere will continue to grow.

Interestingly, in January of this year in Germany in one of the barns there was an explosion, which was caused by the animals themselves. Accumulated under the roof of methane generated from waste products of cows, exploded due to static electricity. In this case, one of the cows even got burns.

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