16.11.2014 5:24

Brooke Shields about losing her virginity: “After he had finished, I immediately jumped out of bed and ran away”

Popular model Brooke Shields became a sex symbol as a child. In ten years, the young fashion model posing with the permission of the mother completely naked in an erotic photo shoot for the magazine Playboy. In fifteen Brooke Shields took part in the movie “Blue Lagoon”, not abandoning explicit sex scenes. Then, even in the Soviet Union knew the name of the Hollywood beauty in every home. However, the image of sexual nymphets, surprisingly many of her fans do not coincide with the real Brooke Shields.

49-year-old actress shared in his autobiography, “There was a little girl. The story is about me and my mother “intimate details of his personal life. As it turned out, the model lost innocence only twenty-two years, despite its image available starlet. First Man Brooke Shields became her classmate and actor Dean Cain. “After he had finished, I immediately jumped out of bed and ran away. I was so ashamed, as if I stole someone’s wallet – told Brooke Shields about his feelings after the loss of virginity. – Dean ran after me with a blanket. He hugged me and asked where I was going. At that moment I felt that I had betrayed my mother. “

Brooke Shields
Also the star of the film “The Blue Lagoon” believes that she was afraid of physical intimacy with men because of the mother Teri Shields. “I always thought that she wants me to stay clean as long as possible. During my first experience I felt that my mom is watching me “, – confessed the pages of memoirs Brooke Shields. In addition to the psychological barriers before sex, Hollywood star shares with other problems – complex working relationship with her mother. According to her, Teri Shields has repeatedly forced her to take part in the projects do not like her. At the end of his life his mother Brooke Shields struggled struggled with alcoholism and false public opinion about himself.

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