The new browser Microsoft Edge is fast, powerful, and wipes his nose...

The new browser Microsoft Edge is fast, powerful, and wipes his nose Internet Explorer

The new browser Microsoft Edge is fast, powerful, and wipes his nose Internet Explorer

Most software included in Windows 10 does not represent anything special, except for one member: Microsoft Edge, a new Web browser, which finally replaced the infamous Internet Explorer.

Edge started at a very important moment for Microsoft: Internet Explorer is less than 20% market share of web browsers, and 1% of the mobile market, according to the Adobe Digital Index Meanwhile, Google Chrome is leading with 42% of the desktop market, Apple Safari, and holds 58% of the market mobile browsers, according to the same report.

The good news is that Microsoft Edge is a reliable product, with some cool features. The bad news is that this is not enough to entice users of Chrome, Firefox and other major web browsers.

Faster, faster

Trump Edge is the speed and performance. Internet Explorer is notorious in the circles of developers, how I do that for a long time refused to accept industry standard browsers. Microsoft began to better listen to the standards in recent years, but many developers have already given up on him over the years.

The new browser Microsoft Edge is fast, powerful, and wipes his nose Internet Explorer

This means that many of today’s Web applications and sites were broken or looked strange in the browser Microsoft.

But Edge is fast, energetic, and works with virtually everything. It surpasses Google Chrome in many performance tests, and supports all the same standards. Better yet, according to unconfirmed rumors, it is smaller ship your computer, taking much less memory and so brazenly eating laptop battery.


Another cool thing – is its integration with the Virtual Assistant Windows 10, Cortana. If you find something on the Internet, what is in doubt, just right-click and select “Ask Cortana.” At the bottom of the screen a small window with the extension information (news, definitions, headers) that you have chosen, even without leaving the browser.

For example, Microsoft says that Cortana is good enough to scan the context of a web page, to understand that “Tiger” is a reference to Tiger Woods or means what it means – the tiger. All depends on the content of the site. In practice, this is 50/50, but Microsoft is working on it.

Another useful feature of Cortana that she appears very helpful in the address bar whenever you are looking for a restaurant or a site. Click on Cortana, and there is the same window with, for example, review of Yelp, the work and the menu if it is.

It’s all in the name of providing additional context without having to open a new tab or window.

Draw something

The last interesting feature is the ability to Edge annotations, with which you can draw with the mouse or your finger directly on the site, make a screenshot and send to the storage service notes Microsoft OneNote. This is similar to an application Evernote Skitch, but built right into the browser.

It’s a great idea, but it’s hard to imagine a situation in your life when you will need it. I tried a couple of times, see if that works, and forget about its existence.

The new browser Microsoft Edge is fast, powerful, and wipes his nose Internet Explorer


Edge is still new, and there are plenty of problems on which we must work. Ultimately, one of the reasons why the hands itched to download Chrome on Windows 10: writing articles (like this one) in the browser has been incredibly difficult. After writing the proposal, you have to wait 20 seconds before it will appear on the screen. Obviously, not everyone uses the software for Business Insider. But then again, interestingly, that the little flaws and defects like this pop up all the time. And if Microsoft wants people to use Edge for modern surfing, it must be refined, and quickly.

Oh, and Microsoft Edge yet not support browser extensions. Most ordinary people are likely to pay no attention, but advanced users need to take note.

Ultimately, Microsoft Edge works, and works well, at the level of solid browser. And because it comes with Windows 10, it will be under the scrutiny of users immediately after installing the OS. It is definitely better than Internet Explorer.

But what about the loyal fans Chrome and Firefox, only time will tell!

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