12.01.2015 10:05

Bruno Heller: “We have found the optimal balance”

Possible spoilers!

For those series that viewers have been able to evaluate, it became clear that Gotham – something more than just a prequel to the story of Batman.In an interview series Showrunner Bruno Heller told about how to abstract from all the wishes of the fans, and shared some facts about the second half of the season. 

Do you like the reaction of the audience at the show?

I’m pleased. Initially, the project waited a lot, we hung a certain weight of responsibility. After all, we understand what material had to deal – I will not say that the sacred right, but the responsibility still was big. The most important thing was not to disappoint the real fans of the world of Batman, to create a series so that liked and true lovers of Gotham, and the rest of the audience too. I think we were able to find an optimal balance.

And in my youth you were also one of those true fans?

You know, at that time it was difficult to get the Batman comics, and indeed any American comics … But if you managed to plunge into the world, he seemed awesome, exciting, dangerous and at the same time very familiar. I, of course, and he was not an expert on comics and graphic novels invite expert did not, because the show must still cover a large audience.

The series is not just because retells comics, it’s something more than the usual pre-history …

Important in the retelling of the original story – to create something new, surprising and interesting. Like in this case, to carry out such an analogy: if you told your parents about childhood and the story coincided with your own ideas, then surely there would be a sense of frustration. Of course, it is important to follow the original, but do not neglect the deviations from the story, again and again to surprise the audience with their vision.

Bruno Heller: "We have found the optimal balance"

For example, Fish Mooney – a living, but not untouchable character, and there are many versions of its history. Of course, defining moments – for example, the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents – we have not changed, but everything else can unleash the imagination.

Was it on the set of something that surprised you? Can play any actor or character, which in the pilot opened for you in a new way?

One of the advantages of television is that in the process of filming, you can change the actors, scenes and characters to create something special. Game Robin Taylorin the pilot episode impressed us so much that we naturally have focused on his character. Of course, the original idea of the first season was to show the formation of Penguin, that is, we did not change plans. But what is this Robin plays the central character – our lucky find. 

All about balance. Gordon – a nice guy, a little old-fashioned, but at the same time hard and going ahead. To achieve a balance in the series, as opposed to Jameswe needed interesting villains.

I also want to say that our plans for Bruce Wayne was a little different. You know, when you work with your child, try not to overload it. But David Mazouz – one of the best actors I’ve ever met. Rarely can one be sure that the dramatic scene might look like is necessary, but David did not have a problem – he does everything right and is capable of more. Scenes with his hero has increased when compared to our original idea.

Yes, David pleasure to watch, especially in his scenes together with CIDA Bikondovoy. These two meet again?

Yes, certainly. Their relations are evolving, they have ups and downs. Heroes perfectly contrasted with each other. CIDA is full of light and energy, besides a little arrogant. David is thoughtful, quick-tempered and secretive, so that they can be even a single movie shoot.

Passed only half of the first season, and the show has already happened so many events. Some show it would need at least a whole season.

I think in today’s television is good or bad, the story should develop very quickly, so that the audience was interested. The plot of our show is based on the comics, and therefore it should not be taken absolutely seriously. We tell several stories. There is in this element of fun: “I do not like it, well, we’ll do another.” And so all the time.Mood and presentation are constantly changing, but this is what distinguishes our show from the others.

Most TV series based on the comic books have a strong enough graphical component. What do you use for a better visual perception of the show?

Only when work began on the show, there was only an abstract concept. Danny Cannon began to shoot at the earliest stages. Then we sat down with him to discuss our views on the series as a whole and agreed that the situation in the show must comply with the 70-m, with a touch of gloom. We decided that we did not hurt to add a little of the atmosphere of Bangkok or even London. The visual style of the series – the merit of genius Danny. Before discussing the details with me, he clearly knew what should be the picture. He himself – the artist and illustrator, paints, and the heroes of the world of Batman, he draws from his childhood. That vision and Dannywas largely moved on the screen.

Bruno Heller: "We have found the optimal balance"

At the end of the first half of the season, James Gordon goes to Arkham and breaks up with his partner Bullock. History and had to develop, or you just made ​​the final surprise to the audience further back to watching?

This is the next stage in the development of the plot. Arkham, in fact – one of the most important characters of the series. This turn of events will allow us to introduce the viewer to hospital as a character, and after the show, Gordon get out of the predicament. The main idea of Arkham – need to move on, and in the first series after the break explains why from the hospital so easily escape.

Can you talk a little bit about what will be in the second half of season?

Viewers will see how to change Nigma the desire to become the person he wants to be. Fish Mooney will be in a situation from which, at first glance, there is no way out. Relationship Butch, Penguin and Fish strained to the limit. Selina Kyle commits an unimaginable act. In general, in the second half of the season all the storylines reached climax. Someone will leave, someone will be triumphant. If you liked the first part of the season, and the second is like it.