Business woman: Pros and Cons

Business woman: Pros and Cons


Soviet society, despite the rapid development of the business, is still very ambiguous responds to business development.What to say about business, organized and led by women. Opinion that a woman’s place is not at the helm of the business, and in the kitchen, not soon, probably leave the kitchen everyday discussions.

Meanwhile, if you look a little closer, women in business life in Russia has taken its rightful place. And it is absolutely not an accident. Almost every woman fully possesses such necessary for effective business qualities as persistence and determination. And if these qualities are multiplied by the innate diplomatic skills and natural charm, the business environment will receive nearly ideal entrepreneur!

But, of course, every coin has a flip side.

Disadvantages of women entrepreneurs

Any woman, and it is impossible to argue, has the amazing ability to completely no matter what the faithful. It’s about loyalty and devotion to the selected case. Woman is able to carefully and gently nurture and nourish your business . And this despite all the obstacles that wittingly or unwittingly, before it builds community. Despite all the family concerns and problems. Very sensitive woman started her business potential and has the necessary perseverance, if not overbearing, in the work. It is very difficult to imagine a woman who can give up its efforts established business. It is as difficult as it is difficult to imagine a woman getting ready to part with her child is born. Overestimate this purpose in business is impossible.

On the other hand, related to the business as his own child, very often leads to tragic consequences. Loyalty to tradition, commitment to grown fond of goods or services may well lead to the collapse of seemingly sustainable business. Most women are overly emotional about his chosen field. And it certainly can be attributed to the weakness of women as entrepreneurs.

Women, unlike men, are better able to perform multiple actions simultaneously. In fact, it is very difficult to imagine a man who is able to simultaneously change the baby diaper and discussing something on the phone with a business partner.Woman, despite anecdotal such a situation, in fact capable of one hand to calm the overly rambunctious child, and the second – to take notes in a notebook while talking on the phone. A woman is much more comfortable and safer than a man feels hectic atmosphere of any office.

But! Trying to do everything at once, woman entrepreneur very risks. Runs the risk that, solving several problems at once, miss the point: the goal of which is facing now. Any business activity requires maximum concentration on the main achievement. What once was the main objective of business. Women entrepreneurs is much easier to get lost in a very tortuous path of entrepreneurship.

Considering the woman as a business entity, it should be borne in mind that almost any woman – a born diplomat. Woman is not only able to create a good relationship with customers and business partners. She is able to keep them for a very long time. Woman entrepreneur at heart always a woman-mistress. It always remains the soul of not only your own home, but also the soul of the business. It is difficult to overestimate the ability of a woman to see the good in every person, the ability to direct the collective emotions and energy in the right direction.

Again, business woman often overly addicted just communication, attempts to reach out to absolutely everyone. Moreover, not all who are important for the development of business, and with all those who just liked. Outcome of such communication, even pleasant, though useful in something other than business – have wasted time and energy spent force.Women are sometimes hard to understand that not all just nice people become customers, bringing profit. Certainly, much more useful for business would be to communicate with people professional, with people interested in the product business.

Talkativeness of women has long been a household name. Yes, most women and women entrepreneurs are no exception, love to talk. Volubility of women does not diminish the ability of a strong half of humanity to the oratory. But try to imagine a man who is half hours discussing with a friend, and during working hours, the advantages and disadvantages of the new spinning. Pastime for women in many hours of conversations “about nothing” – is ordinary matter. You can certainly be attributed to the shortcomings of it. Especially if we are talking about a business woman. But before giving heavy sentences should understand a woman in order to solve a problem, you just need to talk. During the seemingly absolutely no noncommittal chatter woman sometimes finds the most incredible creative solutions of the problems.

It is impossible, of course, not to mention a small nuance inherent female talkativeness. It often happens that even in the course of a business conversation woman distracted by minor absolutely no discussion or personal issues. The result is that the negotiations that entrepreneurs-men would take a few minutes delayed for quite some time. But who knows, it may happen that it was during a casual conversation, a woman will visit this idea that will revolutionize the world.