13.06.2014 1:34

Buttocks swing: how to squat

Every woman is at heart always wants to stay beautiful, slim, toned and sexy – but those dreams do not always become reality. Poor diet, lack of mobility and even total laziness converted flexible and slender girlish body in a slightly intermittent Zhirkov with weakened muscles and broken forms thighs, buttocks and breasts.

Deal with the breast – the lot of massage therapists and plastic surgeons, but to deal with weak hips and hanging down the buttocks and can be yourself. For this purpose only should know how to squat – and then the result will be visible after a couple of weeks after the start of training.

What to avoid

The female body is significantly different from men, and women’s training objectives are fundamentally different. You can not take loads of options for men – you do not need relief “banks” at the hips and protruding veins on the stone suddenly became pope. Need to visit a professional coach who can build accurate personalized program that will not harm the woman’s beauty.

It is understood that the load should be normalized. Perform better for day five sets of ten squats than to cram them all into one to fifty. If life proceeded without special training exercise, a sharp dip in the sport can affect the health of joints and ligaments.

On the question of how to squat for best effect, respond differently. However, one technique significantly stands out (though not guarantee instant results in the spirit – sat down and minus thirty kilograms).

Technique exercises

For good results of any exercise must follow the breath. On relaxing the need to inhale on the effort – exhale. Then the lungs and the heart does not start to work piecemeal, and the athlete gets tired much slower.

Proper squat to strengthen the buttocks should seemingly be like sitting on an invisible stool. Heels should be pressed to the floor, knees directly over the feet. This requires considerable effort squat, because the center of gravity has to keep his hips at a significant departure – but this exercise is one of the few returning tone buttocks.

Thus it is necessary to strain the abdominal muscles – then the spine begins to shake and rumble in search of additional support. Back must be kept straight, not helping buttocks tilt forward and not pulling back at the same time. The first time less than five sit-ups in such an approach, but then begins to rise plank.

Specialists guarantee pronounced result for two months of training, without changing the of life and without any diet. For the result should try, because beautiful round ass ladies enjoy a far greater number of men than the slightly sagging buttocks.