26.05.2014 7:38

What buys Russia?

Sounded repeatedly in the news and information about the sounds that Belgium with unprecedented speed increases its portfolio of U.S. bonds , as well as that most likely this is just a technical picture, because Belgium is a global center for securities trading . Up to argue who is behind these transactions is impossible, but it is known that Russia is actively getting rid of their trezheris . That is , according to analysts TeleTrade, Russia decided not to lend to the U.S. economy .

Thus, in March the Russian portfolio decreased by 20%. Of course, America is not hurt, but for the seller – this is a very important step. What replaces Russian assets sold ? The answer was quite simple : the Central Bank gradually increasing its gold reserves . In April, it was bought 900,000 ounces of gold , representing 0.24% of Russian gold reserves . Overall, gold is about 10% of the stock. If we compare with the Bundesbank , Banque de France and the Federal Reserve , where the rate exceeds 65 % , it is a fairly small proportion , experts TeleTrade.

Since Russia is increasing its stock since 2006 , buying 0.5 million ounces per month, the April deal – this doubling of monthly purchases . In addition, the Russian government has openly declared intentions to increase the amount of physical gold. Global economic uncertainty grows , which increases the demand for the yellow metal from the Russian Central Bank and other central banks. It is possible that Russia wants to return to the gold standard .