How do you know that is not enough calcium in the body: symptoms...

How do you know that is not enough calcium in the body: symptoms of calcium deficiency

symptoms of calcium deficiency

For the normal life of a person need different vitamins and minerals. Sometimes he needs more, in others – less. But from the lack of any substance having different diseases. So we’ll talk about how to learn, there is not enough symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

Did you know that symptoms of calcium deficiency should be ingested daily with food? But I heard that the lack of this mineral affects not only children and the elderly, but also the working-age population? Moreover, if the body is not getting enough of it, the old man to problems with joints and bones are provided! Therefore, you should be alerted:

  • Brittle nails, bones and hair. The hair becomes dull, fall break and whipped at the tips. Nails are thin and slow growing, and bruises and fractures occur at the slightest injury.
  • Condition of the teeth that are very spoiled with the lack of this mineral.
  • Condition of the nervous system. The man, who is a shortage of calcium, nervous, excitable, gets tired quickly and a little scattered. Not uncommon seizures.
  • In children, the lack of the mineral can be seen by slower growth.


Speaking of that, how do you know there is not enough symptoms of calcium deficiency, not to mention the products that contain it. Great news is that he is present in a familiar food that is always at hand. But you must use them, along with vitamin D: so calcium is absorbed more easily. Good neighbor to him is and phosphorus. So here’s a small list of products symptoms of calcium deficiency, the amount of which you should increase this if you suspect that your body needs calcium.

  • Milk and milk products: cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, yogurt;
  • Seafood, especially sardines, salmon;
  • Citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, pomelos, grapefruit, lime;
  • Domestic fruit and vegetables: cabbage, black currant, cherry, cranberry;
  • Shell
  • Seeds: flax, sesame, poppy.

It should be noted that fat slows the absorption of symptoms of calcium deficiency, and carbonated drinks is washed it from the bones. Therefore, try to make up their menu so that it present in most natural products. And on junk food and different “chemistry” leave a smaller share, and if possible – even give up on them.