Next Car Game creators have earned over a million dollars this week...

Next Car Game creators have earned over a million dollars this week thanks Steam


Finnish studio Bugbear Entertainment, the creators of the once popular arcade racing FlatOut, has been left hopes for the successful launch of its new project, Game Next Game Car. First, they turned away from many game publishers, and then could not support the RR and the players themselves – Kickstarter-fundraising campaign failed miserably.

The next step was the release of the game developers in the Steam program early access. And now we can already say with confidence that the new draft of Finns still be – in the first week digital service users Bugbear Valve brought more than a million dollars.

“We can only say that it is a great success for the racing game, especially if you remember how it all began. We offer many game publishers, and in response we were told that such a project can not normally sell. We have heard the ironic statement that no one wants to go and chop up all around on older machines. But it is important that we wanted. This was followed by a failure to Kickstarter, but we’re going to give up. And now, a week after the appearance of the game in Steam Early Access players brought us over a million dollars. This gives us confidence that our projects are still interesting players, “- said in a statement.