CardioQVARK mobile gadget to check your heart

CardioQVARK mobile gadget to check your heart

CardioQVARK mobile gadget to check your heart

Hello Greek times! Today we tell about the project CardioQVARK mobile gadget this cardiograph mobile for the iPhone.

It works like this – on a smartphone is put special case in which there are two capacitive sensor of the electric field, removing a cardiogram. These sensors need to attach the fingers of the right and left hand; the measurement time is 5 minutes.

Once the ECG is removed, the data is sent to the server. Then, this information can be accessed by the patient’s attending physician – his special iPad-app notification comes.

Features of the CardioQVARK mobile gadget specs

CardioQVARK mobile gadget to check your heart

There is a CardioQVARK mobile gadget application for users – it shows a simple scale, where there is a green, yellow and red. It allows a person to immediately understand at what point measurements showed a good result, and where there were problems. You can view your “tape” and to monitor the dynamics of the heart – all the numbers and charts are signed.

The patient may comment on their activity to the doctor knew exactly what his client was doing at the moment, for example, it was a difficult day at work, or, conversely, a man missed training. This allows you to keep track of how something that was triggered by a negative period of the heart, and that contributes to the improvement of results – for example, walking in the open air.

CardioQVARK mobile gadget to check your heart

The system of the CardioQVARK mobile gadget has an open application programming interface (API) – so that third-party developers can participate in the improvement of data processing algorithms, and researchers – to use the project to carry out scientific work.

The project team of the engineers, doctor of technical sciences, as well as cardiologists famous medical centers.

Now the project site is open for pre-order CardioQVARK mobile gadget devices. Next, the team plans – refinement devices for compatibility with the iPhone 6 and 6S.

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Source: Mhealthcongress