caribbean beaches 13
caribbean beaches 13

What do you prefer: a quiet beach or rowdy beach parties, scuba diving and surfing or relaxing sunbathing on the warm sand? On Sint Maarten and St. Barts, you are sure to find your paradise

St. Barts and St. Martin – the most glamorous island in the Caribbean. Deserted beaches with fine white sand, turquoise water, beautiful reefs with various denizens of the deep sea, and over 300 sunny days a year – that’s what attracts these places richest and most famous. In high season here almost every turn, the head of any corporation with a great name, oligarch, Hollywood star or politician.

By the way, from 13 to 23 March 2014. in the waters around the islands of St. Barts and St. Martin will be held VII Caribbean Sailing Week , have long since become a key event for the season for yachting enthusiasts, many of whom are Russian businessmen. On the eve of the regatta present you with a list of the best coastal recreation areas on the islands of St. Martin and St. Barts, where the anchor is required.


Gustavia – capital of St. Bart’s, a real magnet for tourists who come here to sit in the numerous bars and cafes on the beach, shopping and dancing at local nightclubs. Life here is buzzing round the clock, unlike other towns of the island.

Attractions in Gustavia bit, so most tourists just walking along the waterfront, admiring the luxury yachts in the marina, along the way looking at numerous shops, ranging from souvenir shops and boutiques ending brands.

Night in the streets, clubs and restaurants you can meet anyone: Mick Jagger, Beyonce or Abramovich, who has long chosen island. Real “Shooting Stars” is observed in the bar Le Select and the local yacht club, where the evenings are held noisy parties.


Brilliant aquamarine water surface and glamorous sunbathing around – it seems that you are vacationing on the French Riviera. This idyllic spot is loved not only capricious “celebrity”, but fans of windsurfing and diving: the beach is surrounded by reefs that protect the coastal zone of waves and give holidaymakers the chance to visit the beautiful underwater world of these places.


On the beach St-Jean runs daily rave famous Nikki Beach – a paradise that included in the list must-visit for the most glamorous clientele this Caribbean resort.

Beach club, open to international franchise world famous bar takes a rest at all familiar interiors right on the shore, providing a beautiful view of the ocean. Here you can lie on the white four-poster bed or cushioned loungers, enjoy refreshing cocktails and an extensive menu, which includes dishes from all the countries on whose territory the work Nikki Beach.

Wonderful mood ratings provide excellent DJs, who frequently came to listen to celebrity guests, including Jay Z, Beyonce, Fergie, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Bono, Rachel Zoe and many others.


Near the marina Gustavia is a picturesque beach Shell Beach – bay, framed by cliffs that protect it from the wind. This beach its name is no accident – a stroll on the sand, you can assemble a collection of seashells of different shapes and colors.

Shell Beach atmosphere far from the craziness of St-Jean, so guests have the opportunity to relax and swim. By the way, right on the restaurant Do Brazil, which serves excellent seafood. Institution boasts critical acclaim and great reviews of tourists.


One of the best hotels for a beach holiday on the island is the Eden Rock, which is a complex of cottages and villas scattered along the rocky promontory. It enjoys wonderful views of the coral reefs. Previously, the land belonged to the aviator Remy de Haenenu first to land the plane on the island of St. Barts in the distant 40s of the last century. By the way, the beach offers a great view of the takeoff and landing of colored maize, linking St. Barts with St. Martin.


Many never get to this beach in the northern part of the island, unless they stayed in a hotel nearby. And this is a big mistake: travelers who are fortunate enough to visit Anse des Flamands argue that it is the most gorgeous beach for swimming and sunbathing on all of o.Sen Barth.

Near the beach Flamands good infrastructure: it employs a variety of eateries and restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger or just drink soft drinks. If you do not want to just lie in the sun, you can get on a small tour of the sleeping volcano in the neighborhood. It is believed that due to its activity in the past and was born on the beautiful island of St. Barts.


Laguna Anse Marcel – one of the most beautiful on the Saint-Martin, is near the resort Radisson Blu, a natural marine reserve. You are guaranteed a pleasant relaxing holiday. From Anse Marcel runs through the mountains scenic hiking trails on which you can get on the wild beaches romantic bathing and diving.


This beach – the best on the island for those who like to party and prefers to rest completely merged with nature. Orient Bay – the most popular area for nudists, where possible and on the other to see and be seen. Though at this beach there is no dress code (users are not forced to take off all clothes, many sunbathe topless or no swimsuit shoot), it is worth noting that the next Nudist Club Orient Resort, so better to come here with no children.

You can also surf, and then – to eat or drink at the famous restaurant-club Waikiki . Judging by the visitors in Waikiki is not only perfectly prepared seafood dishes, but also know a lot about things to do and good music.


The most famous beach of Sint Maarten – Maho, located literally a stone’s throw from Princess Juliana International Airport. Surely each of you once saw an amazing photo of sandy beach where tourists going out and over their heads huge land passenger planes.

Unique location attracts daily here dozens of curious tourists who come to the beach not to lie in the sun, and with only one purpose – to hunt for a good shot. Some show ingenuity and make a really funny track involving airliners entering the gate. If you are going to visit this place, remember that it is better not to leave things unattended on the sand, otherwise you may miss out on them because of strong winds formed aircraft turbines. In general, Maho worth coming to make a couple of exciting photos or visit the casino nearby.


This recreation area is located in the southwestern part of the island, which combines three beaches surrounded by limestone cliffs. Travellers say that on this side is required to meet the sun, because here he is especially beautiful.

Families with children is worth remembering that in the territory of Cupecoy Beach loyal to the LGBT community, as some sections of the beach meant staying in the nude.


Mullet Bay Beach is located near the international airport. In 1995. hurricane destroyed one of the best resorts of Saint-Martin – Mullet Bay Resort, the ruins of which still crown the southeastern coast of the island. However, the elements are not able to destroy the beauty of the beaches around, so travelers are still attracting white sand and good waves, ready to entertain surfers every day.

Tourists say that decent work around bars offering cheap and tasty snacks and drinks.


Great beach for families. Crystal clear calm water, shallow bottom near the shore – parents leave their children to play safely in the water’s edge, while they themselves go to the bar to enjoy a cocktail.

Partygoers after sunset waiting at a local Kali’s Beach Bar, where guests can enjoy a variety of treats and reggae campfire.