Castellitto: “i’m going to save michele placido in treatment by panic attacks”

Castellitto: “i’m going to save michele placido in treatment by panic attacks”


The award-winning actor to Bifest tells his future engagements: the return in the role of the analyst in Venuto al mondo version of TV series

Sergio Castellitto as Barack Obama: “I live with pleasure the fun and success. I’m not the typical actor annoyed, I always answer and I think as the U.S. president: each handshake is a vote. The same people who think like Berlusconi and Renzi. ” The actor and director is in great shape to make statements mix of intelligence and sense of humor in the day when he finds himself to be the protagonist Bifest of Bari , where he received the Federico Fellini Platinum Award for Cinematic Excellence, finding himself talking of his thirty-year career and directors with whom he worked: by Scola to Amelio, from Bellocchio Ferreri, by Virzi Tornatore. These are just a few pieces of his filmography: “I happen to think lately to my resume – reveals to us – in memories I stop and tell myself that it’s a great resume. I have wonderful memories of all my experiences with these great directors and I am sure that they have a wonderful memory of me. “

Castellitto return in the second season of In Treatment, a TV series produced by Sky in which it will find ourselves in the role of the psychiatrist struggling with old and new patients: “They’ll come back even Barbora Bobulova and Adriano Giannini. The others are all changed: there will be Michele Placido in the role of a manager with panic attacks, a role he plays in a formidable way. Then there is also a young actress named Greta Scarano in the shoes of a new patient. It’s a wonderful cast and an interesting project: a thing of quality are very proud of.

Placido has appointed one of its new patients: we see you arguing and shouting against each other?

No, absolutely not, in fact my character and her get along and become almost friends. I truly believe that Michael has made it one of the most beautiful things in his career.

How to find ourselves instead his analyst?

Ready to pull out more anger, more pain and more disjointed personality when he goes by his tutor played by Licia T-Shirt.

The other project in the television program is the full version of Venuto al mondo . It is correct to say that it will become a TV miniseries?

Yes, it will be an extended version of four and a half hours that I proposed to Sky: A total of five episodes lasting fifty minutes each, a wonderful thing! The readers of the novel by Margaret Mazzantini have loved all the movies and someone said why do not you tell that particular scene? Now gather everything.

So at that time, on the set with Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch, she turned almost all the sequences included in the book?

Every time I’ve done film as a director I’ve always made films very long, because I always tend to shoot a lot. A first mounted Do not move lasted three and a half hours: I had to give up many things, but I never suffered so much in doing so. In fact, I think it’s a privilege to make a film is like being in the kitchen and to have so many ingredients that you decide to use or not.

Soon find ourselves on the big screen in the new film by Daniel Cyprus …

It’s called The pit and is a grotesque comedy special and very particular: it will be sour and fun. A film for gourmets with in the comic irony. It’s a gamble, but we enjoyed it very much to do so. Cipr√¨ is the quintessential symbol, he’s not filming, rather than paints.

In the past he has worked with another “artist” who was Marco Ferreri. What memories do you have of meat? At the time he accepted the role immediately or had a moment hesitated in front of the erotic component of that project?

I found it hilarious that role, and I did not think a second: you do not say no to Marco Ferreri, was one of the few genes of the image, the man who had disguised Mastroianni by General Custer.

He stated that his children see his films, also viewed Meat?

Yes, I think so. There is no problem, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think a boy of twenty-two is also interested in seeing the Dellera.

Still on the subject of his sons audience: there is a comment on their part that has affected much by the way of one of his movies?

Now I am reminded of The Chronicles of Narnia that my seven year old son has seen at least twenty-five times. He went to kindergarten and his companions said to him: “Your father is a bastard,” and he said: “No, it is not. It is bad because it is angry: they stole the castle. ” Here I was moved to see him defend myself. This is the true salt of my job, the rest is just talk.

In the role of King Miraz in The Chronicles of Narnia (2008)

A few days ago I happened to talk with Sandra Nettelbeck that in 2001 directed her in Martha. He said: “Sergio was the first star I have ever worked with” . As is found in the concept of the “Star”?

It’s something you say to others. In my career I have worked with great actors, from Gassman Mastroianni, from Manfred at Volonte: they were the stars, but at that time were the actors who worked together with other actors. I have not taught you anything because they had no vocation of teaching, but I learned a lot from their behavior. They gave me a style.

Perhaps the term “Star” is also due to the fact that she has an international career and is also known abroad …

Maybe, but I never chased the international film if I like the projects that I offer, then accept it. I think in the curriculum of an actor next to the things he has done should be also those who refused.

What is therefore to page one of its curriculum waste?

I say this not out of respect to those who did it, but something “salt” is …

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