12.11.2014 11:57

Castle travel to an alternate reality

Beware of spoilers!

The creators of the series Castle decided to give the audience a unique opportunity to look at what would have been the life of Richard, if he had not met Kate. Executive producer David Amann told about travel writer in an alternate reality, and the surprises that await fans of detective show on ABC in the sixth series of the seventh season. 

“Castle to investigate the case of the missing object that may have mystical properties, – said David. – I think that by the end of the episode, our audience will be divided into two groups. Some will believe that everything that happens on the screen is the result of some sort of paranormal phenomena, while the latter will find themselves without the involvement of an explanation of supernatural forces. “

“Our team has long wanted to make a series of such a plan – said Amann. – We spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect reason for the journey of the protagonist in an alternate reality. Richard will be faced with a different version of his life in which he not only less rich, but never met with Beckett. In a curious way the audience will appear with Alexis and Martha. Looking at the world without Kate, Castle decides immediately to tie the knot with her. ”

“At the end of last season, viewers almost witnessed a magnificent wedding ceremony – said David. – We did not want to repeat and hold chic holiday. The resulting Castle in this series of experiments to make him understand that he should no longer be put off as a significant event in his life. Maybe the wedding and will not scale, but it will be an important milestone in the history of our show, and the fate of his characters. I hope the audience will like this scene. We have before them the favor, but because we have for fans of the show a very moving ceremony. ”

“Unfortunately, Castle and Beckett will not be able to honeymoon somewhere on a tropical island – said Amann. – Kate had to use all his time off due to the disappearance of Richard. When the popular with honeymooners resort ranch-style films about cowboys mysterious crime is committed, Castle decides to kill two birds with one stone. Investigation of this case will be devoted Seventh Series.Beckett, of course, do not dream of such a honeymoon, but our heroes still try to have a good time. “