29.01.2014 8:17

Cathedral of debris in Madrid

Greatest cathedrals in the world, such as Cologne or Nortdam de Paris, built by generations of builders, thousands and thousands of people. But in Madrid has been around almost finished scale size church to create forces which put just one person. Yes, and he did not build from conventional building materials, and in fact of debris.


Densely Martinez (Justo Martinez) – not an architect and builder. At least on education. Throughout his life he worked as a farmer until his old age decided to leave the monastery. But fate did not allow him to stay for a long time one of the brothers of the Benedictine. Within a few years after the adoption of vows he contracted tuberculosis and therefore took monastic vows.


However, he vowed that if healed, will build its own temple of the Lord. Cured tuberculosis, Martinez began to fulfill this promise. But the money from the former farmer almost was not. And because Gusto decided to build a church out of the material at hand. He began walking through the ruins of houses and factories, collecting old bricks and tiles. There are also people who donate this money enthusiasts and building materials.


It’s been nearly fifty years since the start of construction. unusual temple , the basis for which Gusto Martinez took St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, reached a height of 50 meters. The total area of ​​the premises is 8 thousand sq.m. Of course, until the end of construction is still far, because it is often not finish takes less time, money and effort, the erection of the building itself. But inside of the church is already possible to carry out the service, which is what happens to major Catholic holidays.


Now Gusto Martinez actively legalization they erected the building. In fact, it turns out, all these fifty years the Spaniard majestic cathedral built without permits from the municipality of Madrid.