Difficult to find a suitable holiday for those who want to fully feel alone. February 14 heard everywhere: “Flowers, valentine, romantic dinner.” And like I want to be sincerely happy for others, but it turns out just to think about their difficult lives: “Well, another Valentine’s Day without the second half. I guess I’ll always be alone and die surrounded by ten cats “… Stop, the blues! Sad stop and look at this holiday positively. Believe me, you have a lot of opportunities to hold it perfectly, because they do not have to coordinate their plans with anyone but itself.

Your mood that day depends on what you do want. Agree and feel sorry for yourself envying other people the perfect relationship? Then buy advance packaging disposable handkerchiefs and get ready to cry, smearing mascara cheeks. Well, those who do not wish simply to shed tears and feels that even Valentine’s Day can be an ideal for singles, we advise you to pay attention to our advice. After all, today you are alone with the most expensive and favorite person in the world is worth it to please. Ask, with what exactly? Just look in the mirror.


Of course, if you had a boyfriend, then you would certainly have given him something of such things. But since there is no lover, you bypass all party stores. And why not? Is it not possible to make a gift to myself? For example, look into the seductive lingerie boutique and purchase a stunning kit that you put on as early as tonight, to feel like a cover girl.

Go to the nearest flower shop and choose the most beautiful bouquet for myself.


February 14 – this winter holiday with spring soul. Men around the world are buying bouquets for loved ones and give them, saying the most important words in the world. Flowers stand in vases almost every apartment and beautiful girls pleasing in appearance and flavor. Yes, we remember that there is not one person who could have this day to present you with a bouquet, but believe me, flowers are able to buy not only men. Women sell them too. So go to the nearest flower shop and choose the most beautiful bouquet for myself.


Think this is certainly a desperate cry for help loners? Then when you select the mood of sadness and stopped on the spleen. And why not look at this gesture differently? February 14 – Valentine’s Day. You love yourself? Sure. So admit very dear person in love! Whether or not to back away from the established traditions and deprive themselves of the opportunity to get a signed postcard gently with fine words? Just take care of this “surprise” in advance.


Attitude … the holiday. If you do perceive Valentine’s Day as a mockery of the lonely people, then immediately change their attitude to the holiday! Do something that will please your colleagues, friends, relatives and neighbors. They bought a bunch of postcards and heart candies and give to each friend who met this day. It seems that there is nothing special, but actually using conventional valentines chocolates and you lift the mood of others and herself.


The fact that now you do not have a pair, does not mean that it does not appear at any time soon. So why not pre-create the right mood, switching from movies about unrequited love for films that show an amusing story of two lovers, certainly ending a happy ending? Today, more than a good day for such screenings.

Call everyone who celebrates February 14 alone, and make each other a great company.


It may be just a party for your friends or acquaintances single thematic meeting (probably composed in all respects friends on this day will be busy). Call everyone who celebrates February 14 alone, and make each other a great company. Incidentally, it is not necessary to gather in someone’s apartment: winter outside the window allows you to go to the rink or have a snowball fight in the yard. Today you will have fun, but tomorrow, who knows, maybe someone will accept the invitation of friends meet for coffee alone.

Probably most singles just ignore this holiday , pretending it does not exist. But such an approach is unlikely to save us from the sad thoughts, and certainly does not help create a cheerful mood. Perhaps we have to admit that half of humanity today is set to romance, and you just do not get a close eye on the myriad of valentines, flowers and passionate confessions. Rather than deny the universal joy, celebrate with others. It does not matter – with your loved one or alone.