Charts: Imagine Dragons Strikes with Kendrick Lamar

Charts: Imagine Dragons Strikes with Kendrick Lamar


“Grammy” was held two weeks ago, and it has now become clear exactly what this year is not yet so far no one hit any meaningful or powerful album. Except, perhaps, «High Hopes» Bruce Springsteen, but it was how quick victory, and so downhill outside the top ten charts. Compared with the previous year, sales fell 11 tracks per cent and albums – 13. It seems that before and no one cares about the music industry before approaching “Oscars” all just forgot. One can only demand from musicians let go, finally, hit. Nobody will wait and powerful breakthrough songs throughout the year.

Hat Farrell failed to record a hit in two days?

While the charts are in a lethargic state, a powerful blow to the alignment of the lines of songs dealt ceremony of “Grammy”. Traditional compilation nominees “Grammy” in 2014, which were collected «Blurred Lines», «Get Lucky» and «Roar», sold weekly with a circulation of 87,000 copies, it quotes have increased by 47 percent, and in the charts, it ranks second. Below is an interesting collection of characters from the last ceremony, which also increased their influence. Record Lord «Pure Heroine» jumped up by 86 percent, its sales amounted to 68,000 copies, and from fifth place she moved into third. «Uno rthodox Jukebox »Bruno Mars also flashed on drums during a break in” Super Bowl “rose by 180 per cent compared with the previous week and 18-th position moved to the seventh. Also had success Imagine Dragons, whose «Night Visions» bought 39,000 times – an increase of 65 percent, and 11 th place this disc moved to eighth.

Return of Dragon

About Imagine Dragons we have not remembered a few months, and it seemed like they hit the disc «Night Visions» faded into obscurity, but the pop-rockers from Las Vegas emerged from the back of television appearances, in which the company was named rapper Kendrick Lamar, so unfairly bypassed McLemore for “Grammy.” Double blow rapper and rockers, which was first applied in the audience ceremony of “Grammy”, and then on «Saturday Night Live», brought tangible results. Filled with hit «Radioactive» by number of copies sold in 239 shows growth percent – they had accumulated 208 thousand, and it was enough that a rapidly rising 29 places to fourth. The first place «Roar» Katy Perry, which also increased sales after the show at the “Grammy”, but within a reasonable 27 percent growth and 373,000 copies. Besides, gramophones given additional dollars Beyonce («Drunk In Love» this week in overall listeners 151000 copies sold, 94 per cent growth, jumping from 18th place to seventh) and Lord (y «Royals» – 137,000 copies growth of 33 percent, plus overcome way up from thirteenth place to tenth).

Last of the “Grammy” in the week

If you believe the application Shazam for iPad, which publishes the Top 20 on the basis of what people “Shazam” on a certain part of the territory of the earth for a week, again the winner was a girl from the deck of “Grammy”. Song Casey Masgreyvs «Blowin ‘Smoke» so liking Indian city residents Tiruvanatapuram that an unexpected surge in the top “Shazam” the whole world learned. Representatives label Casey asked to comment on the activity in the choice Masgreyvs Indians said they did not understand how it happened.