China has entered the fray with the United States because of allegations...

China has entered the fray with the United States because of allegations of destabilization


Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel on Saturday made ​​sharp statements against China, which inflames tensions and destabilize the situation in the disputed waters of the South China Sea . China has called it ” unacceptable threat ” and stressed that they were made in the presence of defense ministers , diplomats and security experts who took part in the annual summit of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

Hagel , speaking at the summit , said that the U.S. ” will not look the other way ” , while China would violate international standards and agreements. According to him, China’s inability to peacefully resolve this issue threatens to ” long-term stability ” in the region , and military threats are unacceptable , reports AP .

Deputy chief of the General Staff of the Chinese Wang Guanzhong Chuck Hagel called the statement unfounded. ” His speech is full of arrogance , incitement , threats and intimidation . Statements is not constructive , offensive and also made ​​public. These accusations are baseless and uncaused ” – quoted Chinese military RIA “Novosti” .

Deputy Chief of General Staff also noted that the summit primarily aims to promote dialogue on regional security issues between governments , with groundless accusations against China are not allowed.

According to the AP , the media was removed from the conference before reporters could hear the answer Pentagna chapter .

Earlier, Japan’s defense ministry said the Chinese Su- 27 Russian-made swooped on a dangerous distance of 30-50 meters to the Japanese YS- 11 aircraft in the area where the two countries announced intersect air defense zone .