12.02.2014 9:12

China officially announced the loss moonwalker “Yutu”

Chinese authorities have officially recognized the loss of the unit , which is located on the surface of the moon December 14, 2013.

January 25 failed because of which “Yuytu” could not be translated into hibernation before nightfall. Officials later explained that the failure has occurred “because of high radiation levels, relatively low gravity and extreme temperature differences.” Night on the moon lasts about 14 Earth days, so that the robot could not hold it all the time in normal mode, with deployed solar arrays included battery without heating at a temperature of -180 ° C.

Unfortunately, after the appearance of the sun on the machine did not answer the call. So he did not survive the moonlit night.Lander Chang’e-3 successfully woke up on February 10.

Likely “Yutu” will forever remain here on 44.12 ° N 19.51 ° W . At least, such are the last coordinates.

This is a truly tragic end rover, which according to the results of the popular vote was named in honor of the Lunar rabbit – mythological character present in the folklore of many countries.

More than 110 thousand Chinese subscribed to weibo-account “Yuytu” and watched the news. All they read his latest tweet: “Goodbye, Earth. Goodbye, humanity. “