16.01.2015 12:17

In China, there was a restaurant with free lunch for the beautiful people

In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, which is the main city of Henan Province, opened a fancy restaurant. Daily 50 most beautiful attendees and visitors to the “Island of Jeju,” so called institution can have lunch or dinner here on the house, ie, for free.

The degree of beauty winners define local surgeons responsible for advertising the restaurant. It was they who pay visits to the restaurant offers attractive places.

Above the entrance to the restaurant “Jeju Island” More recently burned bright neon pink lettering: “Beautiful people we eat for free.” Before you get into the hall of the restaurant, visitors to a special room, where they were photographed. Photos are rated by experts on several grounds: the eyes, face, mouth, nose, etc. One of the advantages – prominent forehead.

City officials are unhappy with the initiative of the restaurant and its owners accused of arbitrariness. They even demanded that the advertisement has been removed from the institution. The restaurant “Jeju Island” complied with this requirement, but said they had no one can deny feed people for free.