China revealed the list of patents used by Microsoft to collect royalties...

China revealed the list of patents used by Microsoft to collect royalties for the Android platform

China revealed the list of patents used by Microsoft to collect royalties for the Android platform

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China unveiled a list of patents that are used by Microsoft to collect royalties from manufacturers of Android-devices. List long kept secret and not subject to disclosure by companies that have concluded an agreement on the payment of royalties for Android, which gave rise to speculation and prevent the development of coping strategies. Chinese Ministry, which is not bound by the obligations of confidentiality with Microsoft, has access to the list of patents under the Antimonopoly Service approved the acquisition of the mobile business, Nokia and published lists of public documents posted on this site.

The first list is divided into three sections: The first section includes 73 patent tagged patents, without which it is impossible to implement the standards used in smartphones. The second section listed among 127 patents that cover technologies implemented in Android. The third section contains 68 patent applications and 42 issued patents, which do not fall into the category standartoobrazuyuschih. The second list is a subset of the first and broken down into different categories covered by technologies such as exFAT file system protocol and Exchange ActiveSync.

The lists are already present as subjects of a patent litigation (eg, 14 patents used in a lawsuit against Barnes & Noble), and patents have never been mentioned (eg, 8,255,379 “Customizable local search” 5,813,013 “Presentation recurring events “and 6,999,047” Locating and tracking user in a wireless network “). The lists are also present patents, apparently obtained under the deal to buy the patent portfolio Corporation Nortel, which passed into the hands of a patent troll Rockstar. These patents include 5,982,324 describing the technique of combining signals and GPS network, and 6,430,174, which determines the communication system that allows to organize simultaneous voice and multimedia.

Recall that currently more than 70% of smartphones sold in the U.S. are manufactured by companies that pay royalties Microsoft. Deal behind closed doors, implying the payment of royalties for patent infringement in the platform Android, previously signed with companies Samsung, Acer, ViewSonic, HTC, LG, Quanta Computer, Velocity Micro, General Dynamics, Onkyo, Wistron Corp, Coby, Aluratek, Compal Electronics , Barnes and Noble, ZTE and Foxconn. Of large companies that have not signed the agreement remain Sony Mobile, Motorola Mobility, Huawei Technologies and Philips. According to analyst firm Nomura, the amount of deductions that manufacturers have to pay for the use of Microsoft intellectual property in the products based on the platform Android, $ 2 billion per year