Chinese motorcycle bag can travel more than fifty miles

Chinese motorcycle bag can travel more than fifty miles


Chinese craftsmen again amaze the world with their ingenuity. A resident of the province, Huang Hui Liankay constructed a hybrid of a motorcycle and a suitcase. Maximum path that can drive Moto-bag is approximately 60 kilometers.

Farmer recently received a patent for a hybrid. Moto suitcase patented as a device for the movement with a wide range of applications. The inventor claims that soon motorcycle bag appears on the roads of China, and later around the world.

May 30, says that the Chinese farmer Hee Liankay instead all include a suitcase in the luggage station Changsha, straddled him and under the admiring glances of passers-by walked away from the bustle of the city.

So how do you look new vehicle? Hybrid is a fusion of suitcases and a motorcycle. Suitcase – this housing unit attached to it three wheel. Two wheels located at the back and one in front. Suitcase-scooter is equipped with a lithium battery, wheel and roomy “baggage” department. Hybrid weighs about 7 kg.

His “brainchild” farmer nurtured long ten years. As a result, it turned out quite original vehicle, besides also completely ecological. In addition to the wheels and steering, the invention is equipped with a GPS-navigation and surveillance apparatus in the form of alarm. Maximum that can develop hybrid – 20 km / h

Innovative vehicle for transportation rasschitana maximum of two adults. Scooter-suitcase could become a serious competitor to the standard scooter. And his work on the ecology and makes hybrid lithium batteries even more attractive. The invention is likely to be extremely popular among people whose life goes on business trips. And what? Getting off the plane or leaving the station square will not have to puzzle over how to get to the hotel. Sat down and forward. Plus, such a vehicle to leave the purse intact.

Progress does not stand still, and that is much important that Hee Liankay not the first who thought about creating an environmentally friendly vehicle. Do people finally began to think not only about themselves, but about the world around them?