How to choose a sunscreen for the face and use it properly

How to choose a sunscreen for the face and use it properly

How to choose a sunscreen for the face and use it properly
Do you know how to choose a sunscreen for the face and how to use it? No? Then let’s face it.

At any time, you can plan a vacation in the warm countries. But sunbathing can become a problem in the form of burns, if you do not protect your skin properly. So let’s talk about how to choose a sunscreen for the face.

Common Errors

There are people who believe that the SPF – this is the figure that represents the amount of time allowed to stay in the sun. That is, if SPF15, it means that, smeared them, you can sunbathe 15 hours. But it is not so! This filter shows how many units it absorbs ultraviolet light, protecting your skin from it.Therefore, choosing a means of protection against the sun, consider not only the geography of the place, while sunbathing, but also the weather, time of day, your own photo type.

There are ladies who believe that sunscreen does not allow a tan, so reject it. But in fact, such tools only provide a barrier for the UVB-rays passing UVA. Therefore, you will be sunbathing, but the redness and burns excluded. However, it is worth noting that over UVA leads to premature aging and the appearance of melanoma and pigmented spots.

Choose a tool

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics specially added to the product protection against UVA, that is, reduce the intensity of the sun. Optimally, the UVB to UVA is related as a 3: 1. But if you want to get a bronze skin tone and health you do not care, then choose the cream with a mark of UVB. If you are concerned about their own health and then look for products and even stamped UVA, IPD, PPD.

How to choose a sunscreen for the face? Depending on the brightness of the skin of your choose SPF 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on. Funds with the index 50 and above will not allow the skin to tan, so use them only when the cost of some diseases or after certain cosmetic procedures.

In addition to the components that protect the skin from sun damage, such funds are required to contain other ingredients. For example, with moisturizing and regenerating action (panthenol, vitamin E, vegetable oils and extracts). And a good product should be resistant to washing.

Form tools and the correct application of

Manufacturers offer goods of this chapter in the form of cream, milk, spray, stick and powder. Which to choose? Sprays and powders may irritate the respiratory tract, sticks, usually have a high SPF (50+), therefore, applied to the most sensitive areas.

To begin, apply a product to the body and let it soak. Only then can go sunbathing. Repeat the procedure should be every two hours. Cream consumption goes like this: about half a teaspoon per person and two tablespoons of the whole body.