26.05.2014 7:50

“Chosen”. The game does not go away

For all those who missed entangled, dynamic and intriguing action game series Chosen from channel Crackle – just what the doctor ordered. Most of this show reminds the good old detective thrillers like “Games” David Fincher or“Parcels” Richard Kelly. 

Rapidly growing, not for a moment slack action, plenty of gunfights and car chases, powerful kliffhengery the end of each 20-minute series – that’s what distinguishes “Favorites” on a variety of other shows with similar themes. Chosen Events just do not give the viewer relax.

Main character – a lawyer Ian Mitchell (Milo Ventimiglia). One day he receives a strange package in the form of a small box with clockwork. Inside is a gun and a photo of a stranger who must kill Mitchell for three days. If he fails to do so, may lose family. So the common man against his will turns into a cold-blooded killer.And scary game begins … 

“In fact,” the Chosen One “- a story about the impossibility of choice – reflects Ryan Lewis, screenwriter and shouranner project. – But we do not want our heroes too quickly agreed to the terms of the game. That is why the first season was so intense that the audience for another two hours after viewing a series of forgotten how to breathe. “ 


Separate bonus became an impressive casting. The role of the hapless lawyer Ian Mitchell performed Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes» / Heroes, «City gangsters» / Mob City, «Lost» / Lost), to portray his character the most compelling and realistic.Critics praised the game nine years Caitlin Carmichael (Ellie Mitchell). Our regular viewers could remember kinogenichnuyu young actress on such successful projects as “Dexter» (Dexter) and “Always Sunny In Philadelphia» (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Also in the “Favorites” played Sarah Roemer (“Hachiko: The most faithful friend”, “Police Hawaii» / Hawaii Five-0) and Rose McGowan (“Planet Terror”). 

Project team directors appear Toby Wilkins and Ben Ketan. Last post and took another writer, joining Evan Charnovu and Ryan Lewis. 

“Chosen”, the first season consists of six episodes, will certainly appeal to those who love action games dizzying, appreciates saturation plot and acute psychological conflicts that put a person facing a difficult choice.