Christian Bale: life after Batman

Christian Bale: life after Batman


From mass production of Christian Bale goes smoothly for low-budget films, where can test your talent, and the way the body undergo another metamorphosis. For the last role in the film “American Hustle” actor put on weight 18 pounds and shaved his head, to the delight of his eight-year daughter. 30 January actor turns 40.

It’s fun to watch, as Christian Bale refuses to naming it “movie star”. – I do not have nothing of these guys, which is enough that grin, and already rozkochują in a woman. I can not behave like unless I were to play it. I’m afraid that I might burst out laughing at this.

But Bale is undoubtedly the star of the cinema, no matter how hot it will be denied. After returning from Europe, where he worked on the set of ” Exodus “(in the role of Moses) began the marketing of his two latest films:” Out of the Furnace “and” American Hustle “. Even now, the actor has already two hours late compared to its ambitious plan: should instead train his voice to a new film by Terrence Malick’s ” Knight of Cups “.

What drives him? Just a small packet of potato chips. Replace them lunch, for which he had no time, because they are so consumed him world “Out of the Furnace”, a low-budget film depicting the effects of the economic crisis for Americans and emotional price which they pay veterans. The “Furnace” 39-year-old Bale plays Russell Baze’a, steel mill worker, who with all his strength trying to live a decent life in a forgotten corner of America, the town of Braddock, Pennsylvania. His younger brother Rodney ( Casey Affleck ) has just returned from wounds to the soul, from his fourth mission in Iraq and take part in the fights to pay off debts. Father brothers suffering from cancer.

In Braddock there is another version of the American dream than a steady job in the steelworks, but for the two young men in 2008, the prospects do not scratch the pink. – We look at someone like Russell, the typical American who always chooses what it should, but it did not have – says Welsh actor, who lives in the United States of teenage times and considers them to be their home. So rarely have the opportunity to listen to how Bale behind the camera praises of native accent that could ever forget his British origins. (…)

– There’s a special quiet – talking about Russell. – The peace accompanied him throughout his life. He must keep his instincts in check, to be a refuge for the family, should act responsibly and not shouting at all like a madman. So do not moan, does not complain, does not tell how it would like to change. His attitude is probably stoicism, is not it?

It seems that Russell is the opposite Bale, who is known for his commitment, ruthless determination that makes the impulse to choose the most wild and unpredictable path, the willingness to completely transform the role. Has also established a reputation for being difficult – mainly because of one incident filmed on the set – someone who easily gets angry and who lacks the patience to cozying up in a Hollywood-style. – This is one of those actors who, as far as referring more successes are becoming better, which is not often the case – Willem Dafoe Bale summed up with the cast of “Out of the Furnace” (and previously of ” American Psycho “). – This is a very serious man, focused on work and not in the habit choose a stupid company. (…)

After the adventure with the famous Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan , “Furnace” was a nice change, filmed in just 27 days by Scott Cooper trying his hand at directing a second time, after ” Crazy heart “(2009). – It is rare that anyone after completion of the big blockbuster [like “Crazy Heart”] was involved in something as big – notes Bale. – Imagine that you have at his command a veritable army of people, everything you do, requires the participation of hundreds of employees. Meanwhile, on the set of a low-budget film get much more leeway. You can change the scenario in ten minutes and decide that, but go in a completely different direction. And no one would question your opinion. This kind of work gives you much more freedom.

Cooper says that he wrote the script of this film in order to Bale’u – like “Crazy Heart” arose for Jeff Bridges, though the filmmaker invited the two actors only when the project was ready. – The hero (Russell Baze) is a metaphor for America, what we have all experienced over the past five years – says Cooper, calling at the Bale “the best actor of my generation (…). He was able to show in the role of such restraint, subtlety, nuances. Few people would have succeeded. “

In turn, on the set of “American Hustle” Bale returns to work with David O. Russell , the director, with whom created a supporting role, for which she received in 2011, Academy Award (” The Fighter “). Russell takes us back to the 70s the last century, and Bale turns in the gastrocnemius swindler Irving Rosenfeld, entangled in an affair with his British accomplice ( Amy Adams ), tired pacify his fickle young wife from Long Island ( Jennifer Lawrence ), plagued by a ruthless FBI agent ( Bradley Cooper ).

“Hustle” opens a comical scene where Bale gives expression to his vanity strategically arranging, doklejając and strengthening spray bottle on the head of his toupee. – Captivated me that this man, someone who is a great cheater, puts at the same time so much work to deceive others as to the number of hairs on my head – Bale says with a grin.

In their heroes finds something of himself. Like Russell also Bale rather “can not sit still. If something we do not agree, openly talking about this, and it’s a good starting point to reach a compromise.” One such misunderstanding on the plan involved the assignment of Lawrence as the young wife of Irving, Rosalyn. According to this scenario, a woman should be “more appropriate age.” – I really really like Jennifer and I consider it an extremely talented actress, but after all, I was of the opinion that the choice of her for this role will lead to serious complications. (…) Please do not read as a plea for her address, but I could be her father. Sam I have friends who were born children, when they were 17-18 years old – he notes. But Lawrence had proved itself in this strange pair, and as a young housewife ready to destroy her husband’s mistress. – She advised doing great – Bale admits. – I was surprised and delighted.

Irv barrel, willingly exposing chest and exposing their curves, the last in a series of metamorphoses, which passed Bale. For the role in ” The Machinist “in 2004, he lost 28 pounds in the Batman series again showed perfectly muscled body to then go back to the wretched apparition drug addict former boxer in” The Fighter “. As an actor approaching forty, his body begins to send him a warning. For the role in “Hustle” Bale took on 18 extra pounds and still feeling the effects of a motorcycle accident, has pursued this year. – Got to the point that I had to tell him “enough” – says Russell. – Not only lost a couple of centimeters in height, to the contracted disc herniation. It’s a nice, quiet, intelligent man undergoing his passions. Women will be sexy in this film, but only because of what shines in his eyes.

Back to the old balance is not already had an actor as easy as it once was. – Undoubtedly, getting old – admits Bale. – I thought quickly discharged overweight that I needed to “American Hustle”. I said to myself: give me two months and will be the trouble. Previously I weighed 84 kilos for the role of grown fat to more than 103 I continue to be slimming, but it’s been six months! – Can not believe it. – Well, the truth is that if I was still twenties, it would suffice me two months.

Adams just sighs to mention the variety of menus on the plan. – What is bothering me the most is the fact that wearing these skimpy dresses and all swimsuits at most I could eat protein from eggs and avocado for breakfast, while he stuffed himself with a mixture of eggs, bacon and croissants – he laughs.

Due to its privacy Bale with more than ever cautious about the proper wearing immersion in the role. Eye in the head of the actor is now his daughter, whose name has not betrayed the press (“a name that was given on blogs is an invention,” states). Because of the little girl and his wife Sibi Bale does not reflect the already fully its role as ever. – I came to the conclusion that if I now, being a father, indulged in too much, I would do it out of pure vanity – he notes. – My priority in life, a matter of much more important than acting, today is my daughter. I will never let that because of me felt lost.

Apparently, an eight year old loves to tease with his famous dad. – Understands what is my job – he says. – I repeat it, that if we are doing something, you should try as best as you can. And that I act in accordance with that maxim is. This is why for the film “American Darling” I had some time to shave my head. Initially not much she liked it, but I quickly fell in love with my bald head, I could mete out her spanking me and make fun of me. In addition, growing my belly, and my daughter loved him, prodding, and at the same dworowała with me: “Daddy, you have male breasts. Just look. Boobies!” – He laughs oppressing hands pectoral muscles. – It is really terribly amused.

Not only her. – What to do with them, massaged? – Reflecting on her breasts Bale Jennifer Lawrence. – Even would feel like, but I did not know if I falls. It was, after all male breasts. (…)

Bale admits that he would willingly have met again on the set of Cooper and Russell, in the near future, however, he would focus on the role of Moses in the film, which will hit cinema screens by the end of next year. The actor will also appear in Terrence Malick’s next project, “Knight of Cups”, also scheduled for 2014. And then what? Probably vacation. – In my opinion, such a break is important for health, quality of work, and besides, I think that this is not to bore people to death – says Bale. – Because honestly tell yourself: How much are you ready to watch movies with the same actor? Please, give us a moment of respite. For God’s sake, go have yourself, okay?