Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

December in Germany – a magical time expectation of a miracle, covered with aromas of gingerbread and cinnamon, decorated with colorful lights Christmas lights. Festive week in Germany are waiting with great anticipation, because in every city in the country opened Christmas markets – with roundabouts, favorite sweets, amazing products on the shelves. represents six Christmas markets in cities Germany, which are the most interesting fairs.

Nuremberg – Christmas markets in Germany

 Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

Each year, at the end of November, blond angel in gold dress, with white wings and a candle, appears under the admiring crowd gasp in the main square of Nuremberg Hauptmarkt and waved Christmas market opens. From this moment one of the most famous fairs in Germany begins its work. For a whole month, until the Catholic Christmas Eve, Nuremberg will truly live Christmas. The air will soar flavors Nuremberg sausages, gingerbread and mulled wine with cinnamon and rosy chefs vying will offer hot pancakes and potato pancakes with applesauce. Traders on the shelves lay the freakish products – traditional wooden figurines, Christmas decorations handmade embroidered patterns tablecloths and pottery. Advent – the best time for a visit to Nuremberg.

In addition to the fairground fun and children’s Christmas country with carousels and a steam railway, in the old town you can get to a concert of organ music in one of the churches, look at the Christmas nativity scenes, visit the special exhibition at the Museum of toys, ride on an old stagecoach through the historic center.

By evening, hot toddy is recommended to walk to the castle, joining the festive procession with torches.

Dresden – Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

“Do not pass by, dine slice of delicious Christmas Stolle!” – Cake, baked by an old recipe, confectioners treat everyone right at the bakery on the main Christmas market in Dresden. Stoll – symbol spelenovannogo baby Jesus, the main delicacy of the oldest Christmas market in Germany “Striezelmarkt” on Altmarkt. This year, it will open in 580th time. Is considered to be a big success to eat a piece of the main Stolle, which cuts solemnly cuts Lord Mayor of Dresden. Every year it is baked on the eve of the opening of the bazaar and has a length equal to the current year, now – 2014 millimeters. Honor Stolle in Dresden will be the whole of December; you can visit the tasting and midnight, or have fun at the parade through the old town, led by the Royal court baker.

In the remaining days on the Striezelmarkt every evening will be spinning the world’s largest Christmas pyramid from the Ore Mountains, a height of 14 meters. In a gingerbread house children will bake cookies under the strict guidance of bakers, and in the house Plum man tinkering various crafts. In fairy house every day will show puppet shows, and in the house gnomes twist Christmas movie. The choirs will sing Christmas songs, and the jury crowned queen gingerbread. And, of course, is not without St. Nicholas, which is every day at exactly 16:15 will slightly open a new window of the Christmas calendar.

Weimar – Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

One of the Christmas markets in Germany tunes that spinning in my head the whole of December, called “O Holy Night …”, or in German “O, Du frohliche”. A song composed by a resident of Weimar, Johannes Falk, a contemporary of Goethe, and since then it has become a real Christmas carols. A tiny town in Thuringia, which is an object Vsemrnogo Heritage is also known that here in the distant 1815 for the first time at the shop in the market square to the delight of children from poor families have established the first-ever public Christmas tree. Since then, every Christmas in Weimar traditionally hold a variety of charity events, the most famous of which is organized shop Hoffmann.

Christmas market in the city of Goethe, Schiller and Bach is situated on the small squares and streets – from the historic square Marktplatz to Teaterplats and Schillerstraße. The tents under spreading firs sell glass Christmas ornaments, wooden figures from the Erzgebirge, Christmas pyramids, and dishes from Lauscha. In the evening on the main stage the Christmas market are the brass bands, choirs sing arias, dance Christmas Fairy, close to the historic city ice rink. The tents can try a variety of sweets and delicacies, but especially proud of the Christmas market in Weimar is considered – mulled wine with spices. It is cooked according to old recipes, passed from mouth to mouth residents Thuringia.

Erfurt – Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

The best view of the Christmas mess Erfurt opens with the main stages of Pamplona Cathedral, overlooking the old city center. Christmas Fair at the German standards quite young, and carried out this year just in the 164th time. Two hundred wooden pavilions and kiosks located in the Cathedral Square and around the main eating Christmas pyramid. Traditionally, the Christmas markets in Germany you can buy all sorts of things, eat fried sausages, drink punch, take part in winter fun. In Erfurt during Advent also bake Christmas cakes, but for Thuringian recipe, also claims to be the oldest holiday goodies. Erfurt is famous for its market manager in which the whole of December live animals from the zoo and the Thuringian den, with figures of biblical characters, carved out of wood almost life-size.

Every year in Erfurt exhibition runs through December Christmas trees that adorn the best florists and designers of the city. Kids entertained nightly reading magical Christmas story in a children’s pavilion and arrange trips to the “enchanted forest”, which is being built near the market since 1958. During the holidays all guides by long-standing tradition guided tours through the old town of Erfurt in Christmas costumes. Walk in such company on the longest bridge in Europe, Kamennomu – merchant’s past half-timbered houses where every window you can see Christmas decoration – now festive adventure.

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach – Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

Sword-swallower under the hooting of onlookers who wandered into an old castle in the evening, swallow everything – from sharp metal objects to the fire of the clubs. By, oblivious to the spectacular stunts, are women in medieval costumes, carrying huge baskets. The narrow castle trails, illuminated by gas lamps, and kept the peasants lead by the bridle a horse and wagon, carrying a food in the kitchen of the castle. In a small area near the entrance is a brisk trade: visitors are offered wine in strange vessels, glass blowers in the eyes of buyers blown plain decoration, blacksmiths with grimy cheeks wielded enormous hammers on anvils, medieval chefs prepare delicacies. It looks like one of the most amazing Christmas markets in Germany, which opens every December in Wartburg Castle, a UNESCO-protected.

Every year in different historical representations involved hundreds of artists entertainers and bustle of the streets of the medieval mummers provide volunteers. After a few minutes you forget that all this theater – so organically and festive look inside the life of an ancient castle, founded in 1067. During the Christmas holidays in Wartburg passes mass cultural events, get on that you can only book a ticket in advance. Some of them are dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther, who was in the castle of Wartburg translated the New Testament into German and simultaneously threw inkwells in ghosts that interfere with work.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber – Christmas markets in Germany

Six most interesting Christmas markets in Germany

Rothenburg is like scenery for plays Hoffmann. Here and old ramshackle house, and cast-iron signs above the shops, bright windows with traditional local delicacy called “snowball”, and the Museum of law, which in fact is three floors of exhibits terrible times of the Inquisition. But the most important address in this small Bavarian town – “German Christmas Museum”, which presents more than five thousand exhibits and “Christmas Village Kathe Wohlfahrt”, on the trading floor of which tree decked toys worth 365 days a year. This unique shop, founded in 1981, attracts buyers that Christmas products offers all year round. Moreover, each local Christmas factory produces a limited series of glass Christmas tree decorations, wooden nutcracker and music boxes, hunted by collectors all over the country. This is the only place in Germany, where there is also an antique store Christmas decorations.

Christmas markets in Germany in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, traditionally located on the main square in front Ratushey – Market. The main market of the city has 500 years of history, so that in December there reigns absolutely amazing atmosphere, despite the seemingly ordinary pavilions, the house reading rooms for children and Gingerbread House.