21.08.2018 3:08

Chuwi Lapbook SE First REVIEW: Is It Better Than MacBook Air?

For the last time Apple products, especially laptops, have been severely criticized by users. The devices are quite expensive, and even times more expensive than main competitors on the market. At the same time, the laptops heat up and lose performance. So, why you need to pay so much money for a gadget that does not work the way it should?

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Today we want to talk about popular Chinese manufacturer and its new laptop called Chuwi Lapbook SE. It has very good performance and attractive price. If you don’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars on new Macbook, then new laptop from Chuwi will be a good option for you.

Chuwi Lapbook SE Preview: The new rival MacBook Air

The laptop looks stylish, it has good performance and an excellent keyboard. Actually, what else is needed for a modern user who works with texts and communicates in social media? We decided to make first review and tell you its pros and cons.

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Design

Chuwi Lapbook SE Preview: The new rival MacBook Air

The designers of this laptop were clearly inspired by Apple’s laptop, but we do not care. The bezels around the display are very thin, and the laptop itself is as compact as possible. The  keyboard is slightly recessed into the case. It is very comfortable and allows you to work blindly. A large touchpad will allow you to forget about the mouse, because it even supports gestures.

On the back of the laptop, where the MacBook has an apple, Lapbook SE has the logo of Chuwi brand. As we already said, the laptop is very thin and light.

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Performance

Chuwi Lapbook SE Preview: The new rival MacBook Air

The laptop is built on a platform from Intel’s Gemini Lake generation. It is based on Celeron N4100 processor with 14-nanometer technology and four processing cores. The processor clock speed in the idle mode is 1.1 GHz, while in the overclock mode it rises up to 2.4 GHz.

The hardware is enough for work, and if necessary you will get enough power for heavy content. Of course, I would not expect to process 4K video, but with FullHD content it will cope.

As for the graphics, here is the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600. The new generation shows itself quite well in synthetic tests and it will be enough for the work, but not for heavy games.

Chuwi Lapbook SE Preview: The new rival MacBook Air

The Chinese manufacturer really surprise with memory. New laptop has 4GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC storage and 128GB of SSD. As you may know, eMMC is usually used in smartphones,. However, together with SSD it provides very fast and smooth working. Of course, there is a little space for storing movies, but I don’t think it is imporant today, when online streaming servides are very popular.


Now about the most pleasant thing of this laptop. The price of Chuwi Lapbook SE is only $270. It’s cheaper than a mid-range smartphone from some famous company.

Naturally, this is a very affordable laptop that does not limit you in any way – a large 13.3-inch display with Full HD resolution, comfortable keyboard, an extremely compact dimensions. If you don’t care about little-known brand from China, and you don’t need Apple logo on your laptop, then you should pay attention to Chuwi Lapbook SE.

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