The Cicret Bracelet – “killer” smartphones

The Cicret Bracelet – “killer” smartphones

The Cicret Bracelet -

These fatty streaks on your favorite touchscreen. This harmful radiation from the battery under the heart or in other “important” people. And finally: “Oh, no! Crashed expensive screen.” Already in 2015, all of which can be in the past, as a group of inventors introduced the first prototype device called The Cicret Bracelet.

The Cicret Bracelet – at first glance, something similar to today gaining popularity fitness bracelets. It has an accelerometer, it can connect to other devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other means of communication. It has a built-in and removable memory. First volume is 16 GB. The device has even CPU and RAM, and it works on the basis of system Android. Simply put – this is a full mobile device, but the most important thing is that Cicret Bracelet has its own screen and it is not glass.

The Cicret Bracelet – “killer” smartphones

No glass or plastic, only light-emitting grid, causing the skin next to the hands bracelet. By doing this, and wearing Cicret Bracelet, the user places the touch screen directly on your skin. Pressing – and now there is nothing. The screen on the functions and image quality is not inferior to modern smartphones.

Cicret Bracelet disadvantage is that the device has no camera. However, this is not the most difficult problem? Yes, and even without it, would be so bad right on does not beating without sinking or burning smartphone?

To date, The Cicret Bracelet exists only as a prototype. Output device is scheduled for 2015, roughly in the summer. If the device will hit the market, it will be a real revolution and may mark the beginning of a new era of mobile devices is literally “buried” the concept of smart phones and tablets.

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