20.02.2014 10:09

Citroen C5 CrossTourer: wagon tastefully SUV

What if money is tight, and mass model of passion as needed? French PSA of this question is answered not a word, and deed. In the segment of off-road wagon D-Class will soon appear on anyone not like the Citroen C5 CrossTourer.

Before the onset of the usual versatile with advanced functionality a few days left – at the Geneva Motor Show, which starts on March 4, the company “Citroen” show its variation on the roomy vehicle for recreation. But if the same «Opel», representing Insignia Country Tourer, that is urine praised recustomized wheel drive system and “offroad exterior”, then Citroen neither one nor the other is not. Seriously – C5 CrossTourer practically does not differ from the usual versatile! But first things first


At Volkswagen Passat Alltrack have Haldex clutch fourth generation. Traction on the rear axle is transmitted by the electric pump which pumps the working pressure of the coupling. Under normal conditions – dry asphalt, no slippage – the rear wheels receive no more than 10% thrust. But this figure can be increased to almost 100% – it all depends on the road conditions. And still there Alltrack electronic simulation of cross-axle lock.

We all Insignia Country Tourer also rank by rank. The drive rear axle running the same fourth-generation Haldex clutch, and for a fee you can install on the car wheel differential eLSD electronically controlled.

But do not think that the C5 CrossTourer have something similar. French wagon on the nature of the front-wheel and even for a fee can not boast of 4×4. And then just a few reasons. First, PSA otrodjas was not found the platform on which you could set all-wheel drive. Especially since on the “trolley” C5 install wheel drive is technically impossible. In related «Peugeot» invented an unusual way out of this situation – to drive the rear axle on some models the motor …! But then – the development namely «Peugeot», and company shares its know-how is going. It turns out that the main feature in this class at C5 CrossTourer simply missing!

It’s no secret that in the class of off-road wagon second most important feature is the appearance. The rougher the better. The car should look brutal, but well-kept. The main thing to observe face: not a jeep, but not just touring the city. Automakers are struggling to spare no unpainted plastic and various overlays. Take the same Insignia Country Tourer – classics of the genre!

But the guys from PSA another opinion. All that these guys were honored – modest pads on the wheel arches and a couple of subtle touches. Hmm, not a lot – CountyTourer hardly differs from the usual versatile … But on the other hand, the design of the C5 already good, so the classic attributes of a class simply disfigure him … at least so think in PSA. Meanwhile, we can state that C5 CountryTourer looks like a simple C5.


If you decide to pull the plug on this, on the whole, unremarkable wagon, do not rush. He has one ace in the hole – hydropneumatic suspension Hydractive III +. In general, nothing new, this chassis is familiar to all of us to C5 sedan. First, the suspension maintains a constant ride height regardless of vehicle load. Secondly, adapts to your driving style and under the roadbed. Third, it may increase the demand for ground clearance. At speeds up to 10 km / h suspension rises to 6 centimeters at speeds up to 40 km / h – 4 centimeters, and up to 70 km / h the suspension keeps the level of plus 1.5 centimeters.