Citroen have got its own terrain wagon

Citroen have got its own terrain wagon


Latest fashion vest psevdovnedorozhnymi modifications consecutive French All models supported, creating a new version of universal C5. The main highlight of the car Citroen C5 Cross Tourer – gidropnevmopodveska electronically controlled.

Suspension Hydractive III + can not only adapt to their own state pavement “pinching” or “dismissing” shock absorbers, but also “play” clearance. Its main task – to maintain a constant distance to the ground 150 mm regardless of vehicle load.

However, if necessary driver Citroen C5 Cross Tourer can vary the ride height independently. When driving at speeds up to 70 km / h can be forced to increase the ground clearance by 15 mm. If the obstacles are so severe that they have to overcome at low speeds, wagon “pops up” and stronger. At speeds of 10 to 40 km / h clearance can be increased by 40 mm, at speeds up to 10 km / h – 60 mm. As in other family wagons C5 suspension and can lower the rear part of the body to make it easier to ship things in the trunk.
Another difference C5 Cross Tourer from conventional wagons – recalibrated traction control, which can help the driver while driving on mud, snow or sand.

Terrain wagon debuts at the Geneva Motor. In Europe, the Citroen C5 Cross Tourer will be sold exclusively with diesel engines ranging from 115 to 200 hp and rich trim Millenium and Exclusive.