City Slickers

City Slickers


We all look series, but do not use them to the fullest. Harvey Specter and 4 other stylish hero, behind which are to follow and which need to be.

Harvey Specter of «Suits» – the ideal man. Sample how to wear suits, as an ideal to tie a tie, how exactly to style bangs and finally guru seduction girls walking library of movie quotes and god Fine insults and sharp attacks. But you do not become Harvey destined, unless you are born actor Gabriel Macht.

We chose four other heroes, less utopian and more close to real life – and suggested to take an example from them. At least how to dress.


Michael Pitt’s character (played no worse than Gary Oldman) in one of the most exciting series of the last two years, almost in each, unfortunately, few series pleased us various three-piece suit. And it turns out not to wear them at all. However, even beyond the role of Pitt has a lot to learn – not for nothing that he was the face of an advertising campaign Prada.

You may ask, how do we lack attention key character played by brilliant Mads Mikkelsen? His style is beyond praise, but to do a role model of the person consuming the human liver for dinner with beans and chianti Take this … it can lead to something illegal.


One of the meanings of the names of the series, being on the surface, as it suggests that you will see a lot of people to make friends with a strict dress code. And if Harvey is often associated with classical suits and wide ties, his young protégé Mike Ross – most of the new generation.

Mike is narrow ties, which often ridicules “tough but fair” Specter, and form-fitting costumes which he first bought in stores, and not – oh! – Sewed in personal tailor. So if you have to wear a suit, but do not want to look 10 years older – take an example from Mike.


While the rest of the heroes of the series deal with their problems and confused and spring thaw, People’s Artist of Budnik, played by Paul Derevianko – a real dandy, true to his style: soul of the company, he was not discouraged in any situations, cheers ladies and sprinkles interesting stories. Narrow tie is always tied into a knot, and do not mind hanging around the neck, like the same alcoholic Khrustalyova and costumes sewn clearly on the figure – as opposed to jackets hanging on Myachina as on a hanger.


Despite the fact that in our chart Sherlock played Jonny Lee Miller in “elementary” Sherlock is only in third place, we love his style. Cumberbatch has created an enchanting image of the genius detective, this is quite adept formal style, does not get out of your favorite coat, D & G shirts and formal suits. At the same time, his friend Watson – FOTT-ovskogo sample guy: Barbour and Woolrich, izredko miscible (please!) Rick Owens and Uniqlo. This is what we’ve seen.

But in a parallel reality where Watson – stylish asian woman, Sherlock Holmes lives in New York and prefers smart casual: he wears T-shirts with prints under his jacket, plaid shirt and a shirt with collar, certainly buttoned up. Also in his wardrobe, we would find a lot of colorful socks – and that we love . And did not scruple to set jeans + blazer. And you can imagine in a Sherlock-Cumberbatch? We – no.


Just add that “Mad Men” – video bible tells how to wear costumes, drink in the workplace and beautifully smoke.