“Civilization” of the gypsies

“Civilization” of the gypsies


 Next game in a nice turn-based strategy series will take place on an alien planet. Sid “Grandpa” Meyer said it was time to explore, colonize and compete with other factions, while in alien worlds.

Sid Meier Civilization and inseparable; about this game and its author knows everything. Twenty years we get neither the incomparable pleasure from global battles, technology development, diplomacy, trade, development of culture – that is all that is part of the formation of any civilization.

So, it’s time once again to jump with joy as the developer announced the legendary Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth ? Or will not be in a hurry with this, as events unfold new items on an alien planet? However, all this sounds familiar, and Beyond Earth, it seems very similar to Alpha Centauri , the excellent sci-fi offshoot “Civilization”, which appeared in 1999.

It seems that other factions do not represent a serious danger …


The project will be released on PC, “Macintosh”, and Linux at the end of the year. Fans global fantastic 4X-strategies (“explore, expand, exploit, destroy”), according to them, waiting for a new job Firaxis nearly 15 years. Well, from the time of Alpha Centauri, to avoid comparisons with which it seems impossible. However, Firaxis, recently presented us with a different kind of science fiction – tactical game XCOM, says that Civilization: Beyond Earth will not be an exact copy of the classics of the 1990s. “We want to send the draft in his own unique way – said game designer Anton Strenger (Anton Strenger). – But this does not mean that we do not look at Alpha Centauri. I enjoyed playing this game, it was my first 4X-project. “

In 1999 the game you choose one of seven factions and colonized the planet, fighting off the other. This, of course, was “Civilization”, but with some additions of SF, especially to make the project fun and exciting. Players have spent years begging for a sequel. Alas, there’s an obstacle, because all requests which were useless: License Alpha Centauri is owned by Electronic Arts, and Firaxis is owned by one of its main competitors – 2K Games.

What awaits us in the new project? First, the most important element will be ready to start the game. “In Beyond Earth even before the choice is made the first move – says Mr. Strenger. – That is, first you have to build your own spaceship that will travel to a distant planet. What type of ship to prefer any of the colonists to take what loads to choose … And it’s not just the prologue, and an important element of the strategy, which will affect the entire game on your way to victory. ” Moreover, to make such a choice will artificial intelligence, so whenever start a new game conditions will be a little different.

Of course, differences in fractions promised. Will play for the fictional futuristic association corporations like American Reclamation or “Pan-Asian co-op” (own strengths and weaknesses as well). Alas, you will not be aliens. Perhaps they will in addition, as it was with Alpha Centauri’s Alien Crossfire, but in the game they will be declared the barbarians from the original “Civilization” (ignore or destroy, clearing a path).

Branched tree technology? Forever with us. However, according to the developers, they abandoned the linear organization. Probably we did not even get a tree, and technological web.

Urgently study terraforming technology and present landscape in order!

In most games Civilization-you followed a linear progression, moving from writing to philosophy, then – in mathematics, gradually paving the way for the present, when you finally learned to split the atom and fry enemies on nuclear flame. Beyond Earth will offer an alternative approach: the user would prefer one of several branches of development, chemistry or engineering, and develop to the maximum this direction. As you go, you can either move the selected production line, or move to another to unlock recent technology.

With the development of science is closely related to the improvement of the faction. Every decision – forming part of the “global picture.” Based on how you develop the technology, your civilization will move to one of the three “post-human forms of thinking”: Purity, Harmony and Excellence.

“Proponents Purity interested in maintaining the glory of the old Earth, preserving the traditions and culture, so they refuse to influence the alien world – says Anton Strenger. – Harmony is born out of interest in the study of genetics and alien forms and attempts to integrate with the planet. Superiority also waives former human past and follows the path of integration with the new world, but it does so in reliance on technology – say, kiberimplantatsiyu, expansion of consciousness, improve the nervous system … “

As the exploration of the planet can be sidequests and missions, negotiate with other factions, trading routes … And we will look for alien relics collect satellites for military, economic and technological needs. Finally, we can declare war on anyone and everyone to suddenly mad, take control of the entire planet.

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