The clashes in Ferguson arrested more than 30 people, 4 policemen injured....

The clashes in Ferguson arrested more than 30 people, 4 policemen injured. Journalists complain about the violation of human

The clashes in Ferguson arrested more than 30 people, 4 policemen injured. Journalists complain about the violation of human

Riots in the American city of Ferguson, Missouri, continued the tenth day, still do not cease. Protesters clashes with police broke out with renewed vigor, despite the fact that the state government canceled the curfew. In the city were introduced forces of the National Guard, and as a result of clashes injured six people, four police officers were injured, two protesters were injured by firearms. Total police detained 31 people. The Russian Foreign Ministry has advised the United States to pay attention to the protection of human rights in their country.

According to CNN , a protest march in the night before Ferguson began peacefully, but closer to the night the situation has deteriorated: a small group of young men began to throw stones at police and Molotov cocktails, after which police forces were forced to respond – at protesters flew stun grenades , smoke bombs and tear gas.

– African American, shot by police in Ferguson, tried to wrest the gun
– Police United States illegally detained journalists who were covering a protest in Ferguson
– The Russian Foreign Ministry urged the authorities to the United States to “restore order” in their country in the field of human rights

During the riots two people were shot and wounded. The police stressed that law enforcement has nothing to do with it: “The shots were not made by the police.”

On one street, protesters attempted to build a barricade, according to the publication, of portable toilets and orange cones. Some protesters pulled out road signs, including a symbolic sign that says “Do not enter” also were set on fire and an empty house under construction and even shots were heard in the direction of law enforcement officers.

Captain of traffic police Missouri Ronald Johnson said that after such provocations police had to intervene. “We were criticized for the use of armored vehicles during the protests – said Johnson. – But we did not send it to the side of the crowd, until the situation has worsened. I want to reiterate that by the police was not made a single shot, even though they have been heavy fire. “

Note that some of the protesters note: the shares are joining various provocateurs and looters, and this leads to clashes with the police. “We do not need here, these antagonists. We need people who can go out and at the same time to convey to others our opinion,” – said one of the protesters Dzherrell Borridzh.

German journalists were detained in Ferguson

During the riots in Ferguson, some observers have noted that the ratio of police to journalists left much to be desired. So, were detained two journalists from Germany, who prepared materials about the events in the city.

According to Deutsche Welle , on Monday, August 18, Ansgar Graves and Frank Herrmann handcuffed taken to jail, where the journalists were released after three hours.

According to German media, reporters detained after claiming police did not stay on the deserted street. In turn, journalists argue that this requirement is fulfilled. According to Herrmann, the allegations against them were “absolutely absurd”, thus the police wanted to intimidate them and stop their work. Graves, in turn, said the “blatant violation of freedom of the media.”

Also in the thick of things visited Russia Today journalist Anastasia Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian daughter in the UN Vitaly Churkin. In his Twitter , she wrote that during a live broadcast in Ferguson got into a zone of application of tear gas. Note that in the video, which was published on the Russia Today channel on YouTube , depicted flying grenades and smoke bombs at a safe distance from the operator and Churkin, who, however, still just in case ran back out.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation “revenge” on the rights and freedoms in the United States, advising Washington “to attend to large-scale internal problems”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia a pretext to accuse of violating the rights and freedoms of the American authorities. Commenting on developments in Ferguson, authorized the Russian Foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said that the riots “have demonstrated the high degree of tension in American society, which remains split along racial lines.”

“Unrest in Ferguson and response authorities shied away from betting on the harsh suppression” unlawful acts “to calls for” peace and dialogue, “reaffirm the presence of deep systemic problems with human rights and democratic standards in American society,” – said Dolgov .

“By requiring other countries to guarantee freedom of speech and not to suppress anti-government protests, the United States government at home do not stand on ceremony with those who actively complains persistent inequalities, discrimination and the actual position of the Nationals’ second-class citizens.” Extracts, as we have seen repeatedly in recent days and carrying out their professional duty reporters, “- he said.

Debt and referred to the American non-governmental organizations, in particular the “American Civil Liberties Union.” According to the relevant NGOs, the diplomat said, law enforcement agencies employ widely even when conducting routine operational activities, including searches, armored cars, tear gas, stun grenades, grenade launchers, semi-automatic and automatic weapons.Moreover, victims of police abuse are predominantly African American, Hispanic and Asian people. “

He triumphantly concluded: “The authorities would have cost the United States to attend to large-scale internal problems and to take effective measures to address them. This is a more constructive way that meets the requirements and realities of the 21st century than inherited from the past policy of intervention in the affairs of other countries and change undesirable regimes under false pretenses protection of democracy and human rights. “

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