Closed presentation of Dark Souls 2 1C and Namco Bandai

Closed presentation of Dark Souls 2 1C and Namco Bandai


In 2011, Namco Bandai released a game that has a few years on the right is the proud title of “the most hardcore RPG modernity.” She has collected numerous awards and received good reviews from both the press and among the players. I think you have already guessed what kind of game we are talking today – Dark Souls. The original game has made ​​tremendous furor lightning won recognition from players around the world, and long enticed them into his, without exaggeration, insane universe. Mad World, whose motto is «Prepare To Die» returns on our monitors.

January 27, in Moscow, in the restaurant “Old Tower”, right at the Kremlin, the presentation was held closed by 1C Company and Namco Bandai one of the most anticipated RPG of the year – Dark Souls 2 . We attended this event and c gladly share with you impressions!

You ready to die? ..

At the entrance of journalists met people in this knightly equipped with massive swords at the ready. Sounds painfully familiar melody of the first part of the game accompanied by visitors all the way to the place of presentation (and this was the third floor).

We must pay tribute to the company 1C – more suitable premises would be difficult to pick up: appropriate entourage medieval architecture evoked a necessary atmosphere. Climbing up the stairs accompanied by the brave warriors in a knightly garb, we were in the hall where we were expected producer Dark Souls 2 of the company Namco Bandai – Takeshi Miyazoe. Sitting on the free space, we stared at the huge monitor, where a long-awaited inscription «Dark Souls 2.” In the hall lights went out, and began the presentation, in which Takeshi Miyazoe revealed the main features and changes the gameplay.

So what awaits us in the new part of Dark Souls?

  • The game will present a voice chat – the only direct link between the players.
  • Improved graphic display menu. Now players will be able to see your character in the interactive menu and try it different outfits and equipment.
  • Equipment has become more affordable and convenient. Now navigate your inventory will not be a problem for you.
  • Ability to four ring gear simultaneously. This function opens space for the players to create new builds character.
  • New item: Name engraved ring which allows for gear select one of the ten deities to worship. When playing in multiplayer will increase the chance that you will get on the same server with the player who chose the same deity as you.
  • New item that allows you to reset all the experience and character to start with a clean slate. This feature is designed for players who believe that chose the wrong path of pumping.
  • Change the “Sin.” Players will no longer have to vote against their murderers, now when killing another player the killer will increase the “level of sin.”
  • With each death, the hero will fall total health, up to 50%. But if the character is too high “level of sin”, the percentage of lives could be even smaller, reaching 15%. For the most part, this makes it impossible to continue the walkthrough.
  • In the game players will attend graduation, which can invade the world. Highest priority invasion have players with more “level of sin”, then players who are in the party, and only after they are already regular players with live characters and undead.
  • The game will be special for team PvP arena battles. Around the players from both teams will be one of two auras – red or blue, which shows the involvement of one of the teams.
  • The more the player will win in PvP, the more will become aura player. Now the good PvP players will be seen immediately.
  • To burn certain items at the stake for additional effects. For example, one of the subjects during combustion increases the integrity of the character, when he was unable to invade another player.
  • The game will present items that after burning permit to raise the overall level of all monsters in the game. Real challenge for the hardcore players.


On the second floor there was a play area where anyone could try a demo version of the game. “Test Drive» Dark Souls 2 held on the PlayStation 3.

Looking pretty nice intro, we find ourselves in a much anticipated game world. Our character is a small field, the sun is shining and the grass run terrible form creation, fast sorting vile limbs. The first thing you notice – great job physics engine, which drives the objects from contact with each other. Coming a little forward, we find ourselves in front of several roads that lead to different places. As in the first part, we are given the freedom of choice – only the player decides where to go. A bit of wandering, we find the right path, and eyes a beautiful view of a small wooden hut. After going inside, we see a few people in a red dress. Saver begins. We learn that our hero – the undead, has not had time to become a “hollow.” Woman in robe tells us about a vain attempt to pass other characters the same way. But finding a solid solution of our hero, she brings to his face wicker doll that embodies our protagonist, and offers to remember his past. Thereafter, the character creation, where we go through the standard procedure of selecting a class and character customization. Customize the appearance of our alter ego became a little deeper, which can not but rejoice. Lovers sit in the editors remain quite pleased. In Dark Souls 2 developers greatly expanded the range of hairstyles and personalization settings hero. As soon as the character creation is finished, we indicate output, where they start a difficult adventure in which you are sure to die … Again.


Dark Souls 2 has no direct connection with its predecessor, so the game has though not entirely original, but an entirely new storyline. At the core gameplay component is already familiar to us, exploring the world under constant danger. Players, as in the first part, will have to solve puzzles and find various items that will contribute to the advancement urovnyu.Nash main character – damn, wandering in search of a cure, which should heal his agony. We still expect giant challenging bosses, almost open world of mass locations for research and a solid set of equipment, which can use a hero.

Say at once – do not expect any revolution in the chart: Picture in Dark Souls 2 is good, but no more. Closeups are still game engine with difficulty, but nevertheless scenery and surroundings pleasing to the eye. Sometimes even want to stop and forget about the fact that the entire game world – a kind of purgatory, and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Sequels many games that are less complex than their predecessors. Such a choice is quite clear – to attract a new audience, and “casual” audience many times more than the hardcore players. But it seems that publishers Namco Bandai is not going to chase the money – they create a game for fans of the series. No kazualschinu. And you know it’s good, because every year these games is becoming less and less a tribute to developers of FromSoftware. We very much hope that in the end game will be what we are waiting for her – strong bosses, intricate dungeons and challenging puzzles. Probably series Dark Souls is currently the last bastion of good old hardcore genre RPG, and we hope that it will meet our expectations.