If lately you experience tiredness and increasingly complain of fatigue, it’s time to put himself in tone. To learn how to become fitter and more energetic inexpensively, read our article.

Despite the fact that before the coming of spring calendar remains very little, very often enjoy it in full force us to prevent drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy and lack of energy – faithful companions winter months. In order to meet the spring fully armed , it’s time, without delay, to regain during hibernation tone. Do this you will help our simple tips. Take advantage of them, and after a few days you will feel like added strength and energy return with a vengeance.

Remember that a good package should include, in addition to vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

1. Start taking vitamin complex. To prevent or overcome winter beriberi, propyl course of vitamins. Remember that a good package should include, in addition to vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Vitamins will give your body a good energy supply and help the immune system fight off colds and AUTUmn drafty.

2. Give up caffeine. Yes, you favorite green and black tea, and coffee, not to mention the energy drinks, not so much help to regain the vigor, rather the contrary. The fact that, causing intermittent flow of energy, they are at the same time weaken the body’s ability to feel courage in itself, without doping. So if you want to become more energetic, train yourself to draw energy from domestic sources, and not from outside.

3. Drink water. If you’ve been in the morning can not open your eyes and walk around the apartment, like a sleepwalker, make it a rule to drink several glasses of water on an empty stomach without gas. To do this, prepare the water the night before and drink slowly, during the morning fees. Already after a couple of glasses of your eyes will reveal themselves, and you feel a surge of energy. At the same time it will help the work of your gastrointestinal tract. In general, optimum drink a day 8 glasses of water.

Book for yourself at least 7, preferably 8 hours of sleep every night.

4. Get enough sleep. If you sleep less than 7 hours of night , then no advice will return your lost vigor. Treat your body with respect and give him the opportunity to “recharge the batteries”. So instead of watching an insipid film, which can be tightened after midnight, or aimless vigil at the TV head to bed early. Book for yourself at least 7, preferably 8 hours of sleep every night. Believe me, your body will tell you thank you for it.

5. Exercise. Even if you are tired and want only to crawl to the couch and hide it without movement, it is still a work-out. This does not necessarily buy a subscription to the gym. Enough to study at home for instructional video or independently. Let it be a ten gymnastics in the morning or (better and then, and then) Three hours per week, sports make you more energetic and hardy.

6. Eat breakfast. Train yourself not to skip breakfast and make this meal as useful for you: oatmeal with fruit and nuts, plain yogurt, berry smoothie or a glass of freshly squeezed juice will charge you the necessary energy and create a mood for the whole day. If you do not have time to make a mess or juiced, have breakfast with fresh fruit. Try it and you’ll be surprised how easily and quickly you will be filled with three – four of them.

7. Go on foot. energetic walk from home to the subway or to the office from the parking lot warm up your body, lift your spirits and provide an opportunity to consider important issues. This walk should last less than 20 minutes, so take imagination and, if necessary, change the usual route to extend their stay in the air.

8. Complete clinical examination. Routine clinical examination is useful not only to schoolchildren. Not by chance in Europe insurance companies pay extra premium for those customers who fully check the status of their health once a year. Please note that sometimes drowsiness and lethargy may be signs of hormonal disorders or diseases of the thyroid gland. To eliminate this chance pass medical examinations and make sure that your body is all right.

If possible, eliminate from the diet, fat, flour and sweet, and carefully follow in order not to overeat.

9. Give up junk food. Malnutrition can cause a breakdown. If traditional afternoon you sleepy, it is worth reviewing your daily diet and eat less, but more often. Also, if possible, eliminate from the diet fat, flour and sweet and carefully follow in order not to overeat. At the same time, in addition to vigor, and can get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

10. Spend half an hour a day alone. Besides physical fatigue is not uncommon and psychological fatigue caused by stress and a high rate of life that does not know firsthand resident megacities. In order to reduce stress, make it a rule to carry out alone at least 20 – 30 minutes a day. And it is not worth spending time watching TV or telephone conversations. Instead, calmly plan the next day, take a bath, listen to the CD with autogenic training or just have a cup of herbal tea by candlelight. Believe me, this time you will only benefit, and as a result you will feel better, more relaxed, happier. This means that forces the next day you only increase.