Comparison of low-cost smartphones with attachments

Comparison of low-cost smartphones with attachments


In this article we decided to compare the most relevant inexpensive Android-smartphones in terms of having their complete set of any additional accessories. Emphasis will be placed on removable rear covers are.

Grade devices

Before you start comparing smartphones necessary to define exactly which devices will participate in it. We have selected some of the most interesting devices:

  1. Fly IQ454 . Replacement Case-book
  2. Explay X5. Two removable panels
  3. Highscreen Omega Prime Mini . Five interchangeable sockets
  4. Perfeo 509-HD. Replacement Case-book
  5. Prestigio Multiphone 5450. Four interchangeable panels
  6. Philips Xenium W6500 . One removable panels
  7. teXet X-start. Two removable panels


Let’s start with the dimensions of the devices. Can be regarded as the most compact smartphone by Highscreen – 126.3×62.9h7.8 mm, although the height of a little more than teXet. Further afield:

  • 124x64x11.1 mm – teXet X-start
  • 128.7x66x11.8 mm – Philips Xenium W6500
  • 134x67x10.25 mm – Prestigio MultiPhone 5450
  • 138.7x74x10.4 mm – Explay X5
  • 143x73x9.8 mm – Perfeo 509-HD
  • 42.5x73x11.15 mm – Fly IQ454 EVO Tech 1

Speaking of weight, the easiest test gadget – again Highscreen, only 107 grams. Next:

  • 116 g – teXet X-start
  • 145 g – Prestigio MultiPhone 5450
  • 150 g – Philips Xenium W6500
  • 156 g – Explay X5
  • 170 g – Perfeo 509-HD
  • 190 g – Fly IQ454 EVO Tech 1

Appearance, in my opinion, is different from the more profitable of all the other vehicles in Highscreen mini: compact, slim and lightweight, fits comfortably in your hand. Complete with mini has 5 sockets for attaching them to the back side. Cover of white, blue and black colors are made of porous plastic, and red and orange – of glossy plastic.

Included teXet X-start two removable panels of red and white flowers. Both semi-gloss.

At Philips W6500 covers come in two colors: gray (matte plastic) and yellow (semi-gloss plastic). Like the last version, but with him (with lid) body starts to creak, especially when compressing the sides. With gray socket, things are different. Although a couple of weeks and appeared soft creak, but generally light. It appears that over time, the backlash increases.

Smartphone from Prestigio can boast that in the kit you will find four removable panels: red, green, blue and yellow. Sockets pleasant to the touch.

Included Explay X5 two removable panels, and one is already on the machine. Overall we get a cover of red, blue and black colors. Their cover – “soft touch”.

Do Perfeo most original cover-book. Moreover, it is made under the skin and can even be used as a stand for the machine. Externally 509-HD almost completely copies HTC Butterfly, even some of the sounds were taken from the original.

Case-book Fly IQ454 EVO Tech 1 is made in the style of the official cheholchika for Galaxy Note 2: texture, materials, color is very similar. When you open the cover of the backlight is activated when you close the screen is locked. Comfortable enough.


Time of the devices is very different from each other. The best result came from Philips. No wonder, since it refers to the line of “centenarians» Xenium. Battery capacity W6500 – 2400 mAh.

If you use the phone about 20 hours, the battery is fully discharged, provided: 20-25 minutes a day, 5 hours of use Wi-Fi-Internet (Twitter, e-mail, download applications and install them), about 5 hours of mobile internet and a couple of hours listening to music.

Listen to music only possible within 55 hours, only to watch the video (maximum brightness, high volume, movie resolution – HD 720p) – a little less than 10 hours. If you want to play with toys, you also do not have the energy saving – the battery becomes exhausted after only 5.5 hours!

In second place on Time – Fly IQ454 and Explay X5 – to 2000 mAh. The difference between them is minimal, but the last “furychit” slightly less due to the fact that the screen has a higher resolution, and chip a little more productive. In the first case, count on 13 hours, the second – 11 hours.Mode same as that of Philips.

Third place – Highscreen with battery 1600 mAh. His term “life” – about 7 hours. Antutu test also confirms my words – 335 points. Listen to music only possible within 30 hours, only to watch the video (maximum brightness, high volume, movie resolution – HD 720p) – a little over 2 hours. If you want to play with toys (such as Modern Combat 4), the battery becomes exhausted after 1.5 hours.

Next – Prestigio (1500 mAh) with a maturity of 6.5 hours, teXet (1350 mAh) – 6:00 and closing – Perfeo. Developers must make a reprimand, because the machine is worth all battery 1600 mAh, with 5-inch screen with HD-resolution. In general, about 6 – 7 hours.

  1. Philips Xenium W6500. 2400 mAh
  2. Fly IQ454 (2000 mAh) and Explay X5 (2000 mAh)
  3. Highscreen Omega Prime mini. 1600 mAh
  4. Prestigio Multiphone 5450. 1500 mAh
  5. teXet X-start. 1350 mAh
  6. Perfeo 509-HD. 1600 mAh


The smallest screen size is set in the smartphone teXet X-start – just 4 inches. Resolution – 480×800 pixels, density – 233 pixels per inch, the matrix is ​​not IPS, so viewing angles unimportant.

The following two devices are equipped with screens, which at 4.3 diagonal inches, – Highscreen Omega Prime mini and Philips W6500. Resolution is not very high, but for such a diagonal quite come – qHD 540×960 pixels. Density – 256 pixels per inch. At this density pixelation is almost unnoticeable. Matrix made by technology IPS.

In 5450 Prestigio diagonal of 4.5 inches, resolution – 480×854 points, density – 217 PPI. Unfortunately, no matrix IPS. Angles are not the worst, but the inversion still exists.

Next is a whole series of “pyatidyuymovnikov”:

  • Fly IQ454. Permission to five inches low, only 480×854 points. Density – 195 pixels per inch. At a density of pixels is striking, but the screen does not spoil the low resolution and quality of the matrix, as it is made not by IPS technology: the slope of the picture itself loses contrast, over – inverted colors. Also worth noting is not the best job sensor layer that supports two simultaneous touches.
  • Explay X5. Resolution is already higher than the Fly, – 540×960 dots, density – 220 pixels per inch matrix IPS. Good viewing angles, high brightness and responsiveness.
  • Perfeo 509-HD. Is a leader in our test, when considered in terms of quality of the screen. Resolution – 720h1280 points, density – 293 pixels per inch, IPS matrix with excellent viewing angles, juicy colors.

Hardware Platform

In this section we have compiled a table, which recorded the following data:

SmartphoneChipsetNumber of CoresGraphics
Fly IQ454MediaTek MT65722Mali-400MP
Explay X5MediaTek MT65824Mali-400MP
Highscreen Prime miniQualcomm MSM8225Q4Adreno 203
Perfeo 509-HDMediaTek MT65894SGX544MP
Prestigio 5450MediaTek MT65722Mali-400MP
Philips W6500MediaTek MT6589M4SGX544MP
teXet X-startMediaTek MT65722Mali-400MP

The weakest unit turned Highscreen Omega Prime mini. It uses one of the slowest chip from Qualcomm, despite the fact that inside the core 4. The most nimble came Perfeo. In addition, its chipset is optimized for the most successful system.

The amount of RAM:

Fly IQ454512 MB
Explay X51 GB
Highscreen Prime mini1 GB
Perfeo 509-HD1 GB
Prestigio 5450512 MB
Philips W65001 GB
teXet X-start512 MB


Here, too, it was easier to make a table, as virtually all devices removed is not very good.

SmartphoneMain CameraFront camera
Fly IQ4545 MP with autofocus0.3 MP
Explay X58 MP with autofocus1.3 MP
Highscreen Prime mini8 MP with autofocus2 MP
Perfeo 509-HD8 MP with autofocus3 MP
Prestigio 54505 MP with autofocus0.3 MP
Philips W65008 MP with autofocus1.2 MP
teXet X-star3.2 megapixels, no autofocus0.3 MP

In my opinion, the best camera here Perfeo, slightly weaker – in Fly IQ454 and Philips W6500. The worst, I think, and so it is clear – in teXet


Before you draw conclusions, you must specify the prices for all these test devices:

  • Fly IQ454 – about 5000 rubles
  • Explay X5 – from 7000 rubles
  • Highscreen Omega Prime mini – from 7500 rubles
  • Perfeo 509-HD – about 6500 rubles
  • Prestigio Multiphone 5450 – about 5000 rubles
  • Philips Xenium W6500 – about 7000 rubles
  • teXet X-start – about 3500 rubles

Show the bargain, it seems to me, – Perfeo 509-HD. Total for 6500 rubles you get a fast smartphone with HD-TV, and the kit includes the original cover-book-stand. Significant disadvantage – a small operation.

Typical average – Philips Xenium W6500. He has normal price, decent appearance, yellowish rear socket, a good camera and relatively nimble processor, powerful battery. More like Explay X5.

Classy budget device – of course, teXet two removable caps.

Smartphone Highscreen Omega Prime stands out among other smaller package size and 5th removable panels. Most countries in terms of technical characteristics – Prestigio and Fly. However, the first boasts of having four interchangeable sockets and Fly – just one-cover book.