Computex 2014. Smartphone Acer Liquid Jade and smart bracelet Acer Liquid Leap

Computex 2014. Smartphone Acer Liquid Jade and smart bracelet Acer Liquid Leap


On day zero Computex, as usual, the company has already demonstrated some new items. Acer this year brought to the exhibition several devices presented a month ago in New York, as well as brand new smartphones, including the Acer Liquid Jade – on his company’s stake. Together with Jade showed accessory Acer Liquid Leap – pedometer or “smart bracelet,” as we now call this type of device. I will tell you my impressions of the smartphone and accessory.

Acer Liquid Jade

The company called this its flagship smartphone, and do not be confused by modest by the standards of HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 or, especially, LG G3, characteristics. In Acer surprisingly adequately assess its position in the smartphone market, and the prefix “flagship” means only that the company it is this device is one of the most important priority, although, in fact, is a smartphone from the middle segment.

Rate Acer Liquid Jade is on striking design and low cost. Smartphone looks really interesting though to explain what it is because I can not. Yes, it uses a very (very) Mark glossy plastic, but at the expense of interesting shape housing unit still fails to impress.Front surface is slightly curved, and it also gives your smartphone a couple of points in “design.” Used plastic – not a final solution, it is possible that to start selling models Acer senses and offer the option of matte plastic or textured glossy, while the company is still there. Moreover, the smartphone is available not only in black (as shown) embodiment, but in others, including peppermint, for example.

For the five-inch device Liquid Jade get leaner, probably on the evaluation dimensions affect hull shape, small thickness and light weight (120 grams). In the hand unit feels very easy, though it lacks the battery. Someone seems a little weight plus someone, by contrast, do not like it, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Features Acer Luquid Jade modest to be called a real leader, but for the middle segment is quite appropriate: MTK 6582 platform with quad-core processor 1.3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal, card slot for microSD. Battery capacity – 2100 mAh, there is support for two SIM-cards (one for 3G, one for 2G).

Screen (IPS-matrix) without air gap (zero air gap) 5” diagonal and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3. Quality display with good viewing angles, stock brightness, resolution might be more, of course, but is its only drawback.13 MP main camera, especially Acer note 1.8 aperture and focusing speed 0.3 seconds.On the test specimens imagination pictures from the camera did not hit, so wait for the final devices. The front camera has a resolution of 2 MP.

In general, the impressions of Acer Liquid Jade after about an hour using the machine positive if we see the device as an inexpensive smartphone in its category. Of course, if you try to compare it with a real leader, nothing good will come, but this machine from another league, and that’s it, he will be the price. Smartphone not freak appearance (although this is a matter of taste, of course), perfectly fits in your hand, light, equipped with high-quality display and quite fast in the work (on first impressions). At the right price (promised cost up to 300 Euro for Europe), the device can be interesting for those who want an inexpensive smartphone from the company with the name and contact afraid of the so-called B-brands. In addition, in some countries, Acer Liquid Jade will sell the kit, plus a smartphone smart bracelet Leap.

Acer Liquid Leap

Smart bracelet, or a pedometer – the first such accessory for the company. “Lit up” the first time he, like a smartphone, on the presentation of new devices in New York, but was officially presented just a few days ago, that is the beginning of the exhibition Computex. This simple accessory with a rubber band and 1” screen, able to work 6-7 days (charging time 10-20 minutes) and read, and display a variety of information: the number of steps you’ve walked and the total distance, calories burned, sleep cycles. In addition, the bracelet can read new messages (SMS) and calls and control your music on your smartphone.

Acer brought to the presentation of raw samples, so evaluate them prematurely bracelet. While he gives the impression of a very simple toy, which must be a corresponding cost. Some of the advantages water protection standard IPX7, can select one of a plurality of colors and versatility – bracelet connects to any smartphone with Bluetooth. The main drawback – the location of information on the display along the bracelet, that is perpendicular to the view of the user, who will study this information.

In this case the principle of displaying information (numbers, icons) is quite nice, and the information is easy to read.

Online bracelet will be presented in five colors: mint, orange, pink, white and black.Everything looks very nice, orange and pink – bright, mint and white – quiet, well black – universal.

The final price has not been announced, in the Acer said that the bracelet will definitely be cheaper than 100 euros, but, in my opinion, the price tag should be significantly lower. First, because the device looks very simple, and this feeling is the most inexpensive things (in this case, I do not mean low quality), and secondly, because the market is the same Fitbit Flex. Yes, without a screen, but already popular, with many opportunities offered by a bunch of “bracelet + application”, and cheap, the price of the accessory – less than $ 100.

If Acer will sell new devices not only individually, but also set at around 15,000 rubles, in my view, such a “bundle” (from the English. Bundle – package) can be an attractive proposition for those who are interested in pedometers, already reflects purchase this accessory, and at the same time, going to change the smartphone. Another option – the user’s selection of a new smartphone in the middle price segment in the presence bundled with Acer Liquid Jade smart bracelet, the unit automatically receives a competitive advantage.