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Computex 2016: Acer BYOC, Acer V9800, Acer Switch V 10

For Acer, the exhibition is not a key, although the company stand traditionally large, only shows it has been largely what was announced earlier. Although a couple of new products still represented about them and talk.


Every year all the exhibitions and presentations of global I hear about the service from Acer on building their own clouds. And you know what’s interesting? Every year, new partners, and especially the old and be seen. At the same time, if you carefully listen to the concepts of startups, it turns out that instead of the cloud service, you can perfectly use the mobile network, for example, or something else.

Computex 2016: Acer BYOC, Acer V9800, Acer Switch V 10

The most remarkable part on the stand was the electric car one of the companies which have invested Acer. From the point of view of the cloud it is interesting because all of your movement, as well as information about the condition of the vehicle are recorded in a special supplement, whose data as you might guess, are stored in the cloud using Acer BYOC.

Projector Acer V9800

The main feature of this projector – display content in resolving 4k, in addition, Acer celebrated in very high brightness model and support the color profile to be used in modern cinema. Once the projector has special upscaling algorithms, the use of which a low-resolution movies will look better on the big screen. In V9800 has Wi-Fi, it can be controlled through a special application, the projector can be used even without connecting to a computer, enough of the usual stick with recorded movies.

Computex 2016: Acer BYOC, Acer V9800, Acer Switch V 10

Interestingly, using a variety of lenses can customize the size and the distortion of the image from the projector.

For the price is no information, but I suspect that it is unlikely to be humane.

The tablet-convertible Acer Switch V 10

Another transformer from the Acer, even I do not always have time to keep track of when their line is updated again. It feels a novelty at this time could not, therefore, confine ourselves to a few photos and interesting details.

Computex 2016: Acer BYOC, Acer V9800, Acer Switch V 10

In a press release, we promise a special anti-glare display, which, in theory, should be a very significant advantage, because in front of us a budget device. Unfortunately, as a rule, in inexpensive tablets / laptops very little attention is paid to the screen in the sun or under strong artificial light, as a result, even in the room instead of the images you usually see a bunch of highlights and reflected. I remember in the Acer did cool anti-reflective coating in Liquid / Liquid E, can be, and are not disappoint.

Another feature of the device – Support USB Type C and a fingerprint scanner, and then, and more are also rare in the budgetary system.

For the novelty will ask for $ 250, let me suggest that we turn them 20 000, which can be considered adequate if the price is really good anti-reflective coating, fingerprint scanner and USB Type C.

The new Acer TravelMate

On the stand there were three new devices from the TravelMate line for the corporate segment. The first model, TravelMate B1, is designed for students, it has a cool feature – LED that indicates that the student has fulfilled the task. This allows the teacher to focus in who had finished with the work, and who is not.

Computex 2016: Acer BYOC, Acer V9800, Acer Switch V 10

Two other models, you can simply call the ordinary notebooks for the corporate segment in detail to consider them not see the point.


Since the Acer is not particularly thick with the news, then I offer to discuss one interesting question. I have long been offered to test homemade portable projectors, but I, frankly, I’m afraid to take them as my little area and it is difficult for me to say how it will be interesting to you, dear readers. If you are interested in the topic, and it is possible to test something out of them. And if you raised the topic with projectors that offer their owners to share their impressions when compared with conventional projectors TVs for home use.