Confirmed: Apple iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM

Confirmed: Apple iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM

Confirmed: Apple iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM

As usual, the guys at iFixit opened trendy gadget to see inside, know its components and find out how easy it is – or not – repair the device. This time, it was the turn of the Apple iPad Pro.

According to the findings, the new 12.9-inch tablet Apple has 4GB of RAM, the first device of the Cupertino giant with such capacity. Apple IPad Pro also shares the design and layout of the internal components of the iPad Air 2.

The processor is a 64-bit A9X including M9 coprocessor is responsible for measuring and storing the sensor information. Sadly, iFixit failed to discover who is behind the processor, although Samsung and TSMC are the most likely vendors.

Another finding of iFixit is that the motherboard is located in the middle of the tablet, much like the iPhone and very different from all previous Apple tablets.

Experts gutting electronic devices also say that Apple could put a larger battery, but because of the four speakers (two on the bottom and two on top of the tablet), the four speakers occupy half space the drummers, says iFixit. The capacity of this battery is the Apple IPAD Pro 10,307mAh.

In conclusion, iFixit gives a score of three out of ten in just how easy it is to repair the giant tablet (ten is the easiest to repair). iFixit says it’s difficult to repair due to tablet screen assembly; if you try to repair, it can affect the entire panel. Similarly, iFixit says there are plenty of adhesive, making it difficult to repair the Apple iPad Pro by inexperienced hands.

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