Cool1C Review: new smartphone from LeEco and Coolpad

Cool1C Review: new smartphone from LeEco and Coolpad

Cool1C Review: new smartphone from LeEco and Coolpad

In August 2015 LeEco and Coolpad showed their first collaboration – a smartphone Cool1. It was quite successful, and users liked the design and the specifications of the smartphone, so the manufacturers decided not to stop and continue to produces mobile phones.

Despite the fact that many people were expecting a more powerful version with a steep CPU and a large supply of RAM, Cool1C smartphone is more simply, the price is lower and less RAM than the original model.

In any case, Cool1C is quite powerful smartphone with very low price and in anticipation of the New Year, this new product comes better than ever – the perfect gift for someone who is not particularly impressed by the well-known brands and their price tags. And there is everything that you need for the modern user, so why pay more?

Cool1C Review: new smartphone from LeEco and Coolpad

Cool1C: Specifications

The smartphone Cool1C performance is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 652, which we have already seen a couple of times. This processor is built on the most modern technology, 64-bit architecture, has eight cores, and this is enough to head to work with both modern games, and with all sorts of apps and entertainment content.

It is worth noting that performance has only one option complete with 3 GB of RAM. In previous smartphone, or the original – as you prefer, was 4 GB of RAM. Also new smartphone has little less built-in memory – 32 GB. In the original was 64 GB, which is two times more and more enjoyable. On the other hand, most users do not need 64 GB. So with Cool1C you must have enough memory.

Cool1C: Design

Smartphone Cool1C looks attractive. On the front panel is located display around the glossy white plastic in above the display camera, speaker and a set of surveillance equipment.

On the back panel is the camera, projecting beyond the body, flash on two tones, a fingerprint sensor and the company logo. The side edges are straight, there are no recesses, keys quite nice and neat look. Basically, we did not expect from a low-cost smartphone glass and precious metals, so our expectations of the product lived up to a hundred percent.

Cool1C Review: new smartphone from LeEco and Coolpad

Cool1C: Features

Despite its low price, about it later, the smartphone Cool1C has very cool display. It has a diagonal of 5.5 inches, the resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels, the IPS matrix with high-quality color reproduction and high brightness. On this screen a pleasure to read, watch movies, play games.

Cool1C works on Android 6.0 operating system with a superstructure in the form of proprietary shell EUI 5.6. Of course, many would not have abandoned the original operating system, but it is not a critical flaw, as for me.

Cool1C: Conclusion

Now the price – the smartphone Cool1C will cost only $ 130. It’s so cheap that at first I did not believe it. Yet, there is a fairly steep processor from Qualcomm’s company, which is considerably more expensive than the MediaTek, 3 GB of RAM, it is imputed to the camera, great display for its segment.

Even among Chinese smartphone from little-known companies to find the same specifications and the price is impossible, that we are very, very pleased. It remains to wait for the start of sales and order it from China. Cool1C will be a very nice gift under the Christmas tree.

Source: gizmochina