17.03.2014 11:42

Correct posture helps shirt

Designers from the French company released UpCouture unusual T-shirt, the main purpose of which is to help people to straighten the spine. This was made possible thanks to an innovative material that will be used on the back. New clothing is highly relevant for residents of modern cities, who spend much time sitting at a computer.

A man who wears a T-shirt UpCouture, have to constantly keep your back flat, shoulders lowered as to be uncomfortable. And this will contribute to the development of good posture.

According Neda Nayef, who suggested the idea of ​​an unusual T-shirts, she just wanted to correct your own posture, but did not find anything suitable on the market.

T-shirt has been developed over 2 years, and most directly involved in its creation took independent therapist Judith Pitt-Brooke. It tested a prototype of the product by 20 patients. After the course, many noted that the shirt had saved them from back pain and enabled a more comfortable feel throughout the day.

Patented technology support position your shoulders and back is a set of special rubber elements, which are located on the inner surface of the T-shirts. These elements are essential to improve posture and relieve back pain. Thin and elastic bands to hold the shirt allow shoulders in a comfortable position and drag away the stomach.

At present there are several models and long and short sleeves for women and men. You can buy them on the site, in-store T-shirts with funky slogans . Price from $ 170 to $ 206.

While t-shirts for correct posture only test on the market, but the posture corrector has already gained popularity. It consists of a semi-rigid backrest and of the elastic waistband, through which the spin is fixed in the correct position. This device can be worn every day and it is practically not noticeable under clothing. Currently, you can buy such correctors for both children and adults. They are not only a means of prevention, but also can correct scoliosis.