Cougar 700M – laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

Cougar 700M – laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

Cougar 700M - laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

A major manufacturer of cases and power supplies, the company HEC Group, following the example of many colleagues decided to try his luck in the market of gaming peripherals. At Computex 2014 booth its brand Cougar pleased not only traditional products, but also gaming manipulators, including gaming mouse Cougar 700M.


  • Sensor: Avago ADNS-9800
  • Maximum DPI: 8200
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-M0, 32 bit
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Built-in Memory: 512 MB
  • switches Omron
  • Polling frequency surface: 12,000 fps
  • Maximum speed: 150 inch / s
  • Maximum acceleration: 30G
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Mouse size: 127 × 83 × 38 (mm)
  • Mouse Weight: 130 g 4 + g × 4,5

Cougar 700M – Options

In the box with the mouse, we also found the instruction labels, removable nozzle back of the hand and four sinker to weight mouse.

Cougar 700M - laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

Previously, we did not come across such interchangeable elements, so that we pay attention to them.

Cougar 700M – design

Mouse Cougar 700M, as the keyboard Cougar 700K, received this year’s award IF Design International Design Forum. With what kind of success?

Transformer Cougar has similarities with another transformer, MadCatz RAT, however, in contrast, does not show so openly moving elements. Although divided into two parts the body and so clear the main feature of the mouse.
Cougar 700M - laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

The main frame is made of metal, painted in orange brand Cougar. The upper body form two large plastic buttons. Matt surface fingerprints they are not there.

Between a pair of main buttons there is a wide rubberized wheel under it – the button cycle through profiles, wide and so comfortable. Extra button available in the top left corner. Because she is inclined to use it comfortably. Black insert in the middle of the mouse unexpectedly compartment weights. It should just hook your finger to remove.

In the visible region the player is conveniently located four-indicator DPI, illuminated orange. Part of the housing mouse with logo Cougar, located below is replaceable. The set has its shorter version, and black rubberized.

 Cougar 700M - laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

Under the removable plate is adjustment screw angle removable panel. Extreme positions can be estimated on the photo:

Rubberized side surfaces mice have rippled pattern for better grip. Left, just below the thumb, there is a pair of narrow navigation keys. Nearby, at an angle of 45 degrees, located key sniper mode. Manufacturer notes that this situation is more convenient compared with the vertical. Can not argue with that.

Adhesion to the surface of the mouse is so weak, so that she felt much more confident on the rag rug. Cable length of 1.8 m and has a textile braid avoid peretirki clad in metal sleeve around the mouse body. In addition to the silver, and there is a black version of the rodent.

Cougar 700M – software

Cougar 700M software for download from the official site. With it you can set three modes settings. By default, the keys to their switch is not provided.

DPI level ranging from 50 to 8200 in steps of 50 DPI, thereby allowing highly precise adjustment. Available for each mode are four levels of sensitivity, and the fifth, sniper, which is activated when the corresponding button is jammed.

Two tabs are used to adjust the control, and the third selected lights. Sense in this setting a bit, as it is noticeable to the user only in complete darkness: illuminated a small section around the cable.

Cougar 700M - laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

All recorded macros are stored in the mouse and run without problems on other computers.

Cougar 700M – use

Paradoxically, many mouse-transformers with intricate design, aimed at something for gamers to provide the most convenient form of housing, in fact, represent something, whereby it is very difficult to play. Cougar 700M escaped this fate.

Despite the original appearance, the manufacturer has retained all the controls on the usual places. Thumb button (“Back / Forward” and “Sniper Mode”) are exactly where expected. Button under the wheel has a large size, which is also attributed to the merits – many other models, this button to change the DPI looks quite petite.

Traction to the strengths of the Cougar 700M can not be attributed. Play mat without uncomfortable pointing accuracy becomes absolutely no. However rag surface all fixes.

The original system of adjusting the mouse body proved relatively effective. Put the back plate and lower it as much as possible – Cougar can be safely compressed with the back of his hand. Put a silver plate and lift it until it stops – mouse fit whole palm.

Cougar 700M - laser mouse with aluminum frame and adjustable form

Cougar 700M – Diagnosis

Debut gaming mouse Cougar favorably with many other “trial pen” on the gaming market. Specific design at first sight causes skepticism. But as you use it is clear that a manufacturer in the pursuit of bright appearance of failed attention detail. So fans of the Transformers should pay attention to Cougar 700K.


  • Nonspottable body classical form
  • Careful arrangement of all controls
  • The presence of internal memory
  • System tuning body gives tangible results
  • Cable is protected from abrasion by the mouse


  • Play mat without uncomfortable
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