20.02.2014 9:01

In which country is most advantageous to invest?

No two countries with developing economies. All of the different growth prospects and potential risks. But each country is capable in his own surprise investors. Many people wonder: “how to make money“?

So maybe the best investment strategy in emerging markets is to buy shares in companies from different countries , and not embedding all the money to a country that , in your opinion , is ahead of the rest in economic development. Experts of the company amounted to US Funds ” periodic table ” of developing countries to the annual rate of return on investment in their stock market.

Developing countries – the engines of global growth. Urbanization, rising incomes and wealth of natural resources derive developing state capitalism to a new level.

Price investments in developing countries , as in other objects of investment may fluctuate significantly over time. This table reflects the ups and downs of developing countries over the last decade and illustrates the law of alternation : the concept that the return on investment tends to its average value. Remember: is not always possible return on investment.

Of course, the good results in the past do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future. Economic prosperity of developing countries depends on several factors , among which, in particular, the stability of the currency , inflation and liquidity of the market , as well as government policies that promote economic growth. That is why to create portfolios from around the world so necessary professional and active managers who are well versed in the factors determining market performance , and global trends that affect them .

And don’t forgett when you invest money and do not overdo it in every critical situation to think about how to how to save money.