03.11.2014 8:29

Crazy Cart – Truck racing card for adults

Recently, the company has created a Razor and began selling amateur racing cards called «Crazy Cart». Unusual vehicle was designed primarily for children, so how could withstand the weight of 64 kg. Moreover, the first version of the map is small in size. This time «Crazy Cart» changed and is designed for those who are no longer a child.

Crazy Cart – Truck racing card for adults

New Crazy Cart similar to its predecessor – all the same truck on four freely rotating wheels, similar to those used in buggies and baskets from supermarkets. The first difference map, which immediately catches the eye – its dimensions. Transport Length 112 cm, width 76 cm. Maps can withstand loads up to 150 kg. Armchair pilots naturally became more. Crazy Cart will be issued in several colors housing. On board the clipper applied its brand name.

Crazy Cart Powered by electric motor of 500 watts, which is powered by a 36 V battery. This allows the car to accelerate to 27-30 km \ h. Leading and steering wheel in Crazy Cart only one. It rotates 180 degrees with the help of steering mounted directly above it. This allows you to make on the map simply incredible maneuvers, in particular spin on the spot. In the motion map drives through the gas pedal. As the brake lever is used near the seat bred specifically for the pilot’s hand. The control is performed with two hands: one driver holds the steering wheel, and the second – for the brake. Overall Crazy Cart is little different from any other cards except for the brake has been used for the above-mentioned lever, not the pedal.

Appear on sale Crazy Cart must already before the end of 2014. Will be available for several design options. The cost for an adult version of the map will be 700 USD.